There are several commercial spaces or offices in Accra that any business can choose to operate from. A commercial space should be easily accessible, in terms of the road network that leads to it and should also have a prestigious address. Proximity to clients is also one important factor that cannot be overlooked. The size of the space is something that needs to be factored into the decision to choose a space or not.

This week, we have compiled three commercial spaces in Accra that will fit into any business owner’s criteria. These spaces include:

Palmat Business Centre

Palmat Business Centre is located between the German Swiss School and IPMC. It is a property which can be used for commercial or residential purposes. It is easily accessible – it has two roads leading to it: the Ring road and the access route which links to the building from the Nima Police Station Junction.

It has two floors – one of which is a parking space and the other can be used as an office space.  The foundation can hold up to six floors and there is a building permit for that. Palmat Business Centre has an underground car park which can take up to 50 cars. This is one of the business center’s bestselling points because parking is a big issue in the whole of Accra.


Regus is located at Ridge, a location where transacting business has been made easy due to its proximity to several other businesses and financial services. They also have virtual offices that any company can work from especially in this technological era. The virtual office is a good option for start-ups. They provide administrative support like taking care of emails of their clients. Even businesses that are not physically set up in Ghana can have Regus manage their administrative services like answering their phone calls and responding to their emails. In cases where you have to meet with clients, Regus provides a space for that purpose.

Broll Ghana

For the past ten years, Broll Ghana has been one of the most trusted brands when it comes to property management including commercial spaces. If you are looking for an office space in a prestigious location like the Movenpic Ambassador Hotel or the Stanbic Heights or in the A&C Mall in East Legon, then you must definitely be in touch with Broll Ghana.  Most of the commercial spaces they offer are serviced.

Which of these three properties will you go for?