The TDC Development Company Limited (TDC) was set up in 1952 by an Act of Parliament with the sole responsibility to plan and develop about 63 square miles of public land for various land cases and also manage the township that had been created to provide accommodation to those that would be engaged in these economic operations. TDC was given a 125 year lease term to manage this land area known as the Tema Acquisition Area. The Company since its birth has gone through many experiences involving structural and legislative changes that have cumulatively given it a new lease of life. Initially, its functions were: To Plan, Layout and Develop the Tema Acquisition Area. Without prejudice to the general effect of 'a' above the Corporation may for the purposes of the attainment of the object and with the prior approval of the Tema Municipal Assembly: Construct roads and public buildings Prepare and execute housing schemes Develop industrial and commercial sites Provide public utilities such as sewage and street lights Carry on such activities as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objects In 2017, TDC was converted into a Limited Liability Company with enhanced mandate to expand its operational and geographical scope beyond the Tema Acquisition Area. Its new objects are: To carry on the objects of Tema Development Corporation as per the Tema Development Corporation Instrument. 1965 (L.I. 469) as amended by the Tema Development Corporation (Amendment Instrument. 1989 (L.I. 1468)) as stated in (1) and (2) above. To acquire land both in and outside Ghana for real estate development and management. Planning, development and construction of towns and cities in and outside Ghana. Development and management of commercial and industrial areas. Consultancy services. To partner and or collaborate with other real estate developers (both local and international) and agencies for provision of the above services, and Investment in real estate concerns. Any other activities incidental to the attainment of the above-stated objects.


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