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     CAPEMAY PROPERTIES is a full services real estate company, providing good return on investments for our clients. CAPEMAY properties established in 2008 is a family run business focused on delivering quality buildings at competitive prices, good rental yields for investors and excellent customer service.

     With a passion for excellence at what we do,  we have an ambition to redefine urban living, change the skyline of Accra and thrive to secure CAPEMAY Properties as one of the globally recognized names in the real estate industry. At CAPEMAY Properties, we best refer to our clients and products simply as our Jewel.

     As we looked closely into the precious stone family and the best describing our Jewel. We found SAPPHIRE; a transparent precious stone, typically blue. It is the most precious and valuable blue gemstone and a very desirable gemstone due to its excellent color, hardness, durability, and luster.

     These attributes best represent what CAPEMAY Properties stand for as a company- transparency with our clients and treating them with the excellent customer service and delicateness just as the precious gemstone that they are, hardness and durability depicting the quality and steadiness of our products and luster for our finishing, mirroring beauty, purity and  luxury. This is what we promise all our clients.


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