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Appolonia City is a 2,325-acre (941-hectare) mixed-use and mixed-income urban development in the Greater Accra Metropolitan area. The project is being developed for residential properties, retail and other commercial centres, as well as schools, healthcare and other social infrastructure. World-class infrastructure is currently being put in place which includes water, electricity, tarred roads with storm water drains. Residential sales are underway with the option of purchasing a plot to do a self-build in Nova Ridge or acquire an existing house at the Oxford development. Appolonia Business Park offers 70 acres (30 hectares) of modern commercial areas with world-class infrastructure and estate management services. The park is designed to accommodate a range of uses including manufacturing, processing, storage, logistics and service companies. Unique in Ghana, Appolonia has high quality property maintenance and is governed by strict development controls and owners associations, to ensure residents and businesses live in harmony. When you make some good money from your hardwork you need to invest right. What better investment than good quality real estate in a well-manicured city where you can avoid the risk of floods, poor roads and living in unsafe environments. It is possible to live in a well-planned city within Accra. People and companies are moving to Appolonia City, make that move too. Preserve your properties, protect your family and secure a good inheritance for your children. Get yourself a serviced plot or a home in Accra’s master-planned City with a flexible payment plan. Below are payment plans: 1. Get a 2 years payment plan with no added interest. 2. Get a mortgage with up to 10 years repayment period. CALL APPOLONIA NOW!!!


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