Where Young People Want to Live in Ghana

As young people, there are certain neighbourhoods that appeal to us because of its proximity to the main parts of the country’s capital or the prestige associated with that neighbourhood. Wondering where these neighbourhoods are?

In our previous episode, Mr Stephen Mawutor wanted to live in Dzorwulu because of its accessibility to lovely hangouts and most of the things that make life easy in an urban area.

In this episode, Jumia House Ghana interviewed Ms Gifty Mate-Kole, a level 400 student of Ashesi University College on where she wants to live and the reasons behind that decision.

Where do you live now?

I live with my parents in Emefs estate at Afienya.

Do you love living in Afienya and are there any reasons?

No! I don’t love it here, it’s too far from town. However, my parents like it here in the estate because it is a gated community.

If you are given the chance to select another neighbourhood, where would you opt for?

For now, I think l would love to live in Legon if I get the chance.

What is influencing your decision to live in Legon?

Well, it is because of the good roads and its accessibility to social amenities.

What type of house are you looking at?

I am looking at a spacious three bedroom house.

Have you thought of whether you want to build the house or buy it?

Yes, I have thought of it. I would like to build it myself because I want it to have a modern architecture.

How much are you willing to spend on that the house?

I am looking at spending between GHS60,000 and GHS90,000.

Gifty is the second person to choose Legon. Is this trend going to continue? Do join us in our next episode to find out.

This post was put together by Samuel Tettey-Fio. Samuel is a third-year student at Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) studying for a BSc. in Information Technology.