Ghana for some years has seen the development of new properties. Many of these houses and apartments are rented by young people in several locations especially in Accra. Many of these apartments and estates cannot be categorized as affordable. People who can rent or buy such properties are those in high managerial positions in top firms. For example, a two-bedroom semi-detached house at the Lakeside Estate in Accra sells at $80,000. The cost of a standard one-bedroom apartment with a washroom is likely to cost GHC170 as rent a month, depending on the location.This huge gap between accommodation cost and income makes it difficult for most millennials to acquire or rent some of these properties .

In this series, we will be interviewing millennials on where they would  like to live when presented with an opportunity to choose. Edmund Adu Poku, a student from the University of Ghana studying for Masters in Philosophy in Public Administration. His ambition is to become an academic as well as an entrepreneur in Africa’s I.T sector.

Jumia House (JH): Where do you live now Mr. Poku?

Edmund Adu Poku (EAP): I have been living on the University of Ghana Campus for the past six years. This is because of my undergrad-service-masters. I also partially reside at Adabraka too, where my grandparents live which is a five room apartment.

JH: Do you love  where you live and why?

EAP: Yes, I do because it’s close to campus and the atmosphere is good for academic work.

JH: If you get the chance to live  anywhere else, where will you prefer?

EAP: East Legon.

JH:Why East Legon?

EAP: East Legon is close to the University of Ghana, and that  house looks great, plus it has a pool and almost all the facilities I would like to have in a home.

JH: How much are you willing to spend on the house.

EAP: For now, I can’t say because I have to consult on the figures on the housing market, but any reasonable figure I can afford as at when I’m ready.

JH: What type are you looking at?

EAP: I am looking at a five-bedroom house, preferably with a pool, if I have the resources.

Mr. Edmund Poku is looking at living in East Legon, join us for our next interview and find out where millennials will like to live.

This post was written by Samuel Tettey-Fio. Samuel is a third year student at Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) studying Information Technology.