6 Awesome Words to Help You Write Property Listings that Sell!

If you are a homeowner with property to rent out or sell, or a real estate agent who is responsible for finding a renter or buyer for a client’s property, you have quite the job ahead of you. There are several different means of publicising the property but the magic of successfully moving it is in your committed efforts. A day in the life of a serious real estate agent involves good time sitting to upload properties online.

Undoubtingly, online marketing of your property is one of the best ways to list your property and find interested persons. Learning how to take amazing real estate photos is very important, and next to that is being able to effectively write your property listings in a compelling manner.

Your listing needs to be accurate and highlight the best qualities of the place using rich adjectives along with catchy headlines that will catch the attention of the potential client. Have you been struggling with finding the words to create a super listing? Try these as appropriate.


1. Contemporary

Does the place you are selling/leasing have modern amenities and features like flat-top stoves, loft-style open areas and dual-flush toilets? Including this word in your property listings shows the reader that the place has the most en-vogue look and feel.

2. Luxurious

If you have a top-tier property available that is simply beautiful, with several coveted amenities, then this is a good way to build the image of what the potential buyer/renter can expect.

3. Impeccable

High-end properties, especially ones never lived in, are easily described this way. If the place you have available is very clean to the point of perfection, such a description in your property listing will catch the eye of a person who has top-taste.

4. Upgraded

Perhaps your available property is more mid-end but certain features have been replaced or improved to please the next owner. This may be newly installed items in the kitchen, bathroom or living rooms. Upgrading a property increases its functionality which makes it desirable for people on a budget.

5. Lovely Landscaping

The outside of the property matters just as much as what is on the inside. As a matter of fact, as people enter from the outside, they form their first impression based on the yard. If your available property has a compound with neat pavements, nicely trimmed hedges, lush grass and beautiful gardens, you definitely want to boast about this landscaping in your property listings description.

6. Stainless

The kitchen is one of the make-or-break areas of a home that potential buyers/renters use to decide on. If your property features stainless steel amenities in the home – sinks, countertops – you will want to mention that in your listing as this is a highly sought after feature.

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As you describe, remember to include amenities that are in the neighbourhood as well and do away with hype, writing in all capital letters and excessive exclamations. Just present an honest and enlighting picture in words of the property available for rent and purchase and the right people will gravitate towards your property listings, putting you closer to a sale!