Why You Should Consider Living in Takoradi

Takoradi is the capital of Ghana’s Western Region, rapidly developing and home to a very vibrant community of friendly Ghanaians. The people here speak Fante, a language some say is poetic when rolling off the tongue of a native. It is also developing the reputation of being the land of oil with the moniker “Oil City” due to the discovery of oil just off its shores less than a decade ago. Here are a few more reasons to move to this wondrous city.

Business is Booming

Takoradi Attractions

Takoradi Port

Business is thriving in the city of Takoradi, mostly due to the discovery of oil wells offshore. Since then, lots of exploration companies have set their sights on this city and are employing more and more locals to build up the workforce required to efficiently carry out their business activities. The potential for entrepreneurship for the industrious-minded individuals is equally rising with the population increase of salary-earning citizens and expatriates who serve as a ready market for innovative services and goods. Among the fast-springing up businesses in Takoradi are entertainment centres, hospitality services, retail businesses, etc., to cater to the numerous and diverse needs of a growing population with disposable income. Takoradi has some really good prospects for growing a business. Just ensure your business is solving a need of a good number of its people and you’ll be set to make good money.

Takoradi is Beautiful

Aerial photo of Takoradi Market Circle

Takoradi Market Circle aerial shot via IMAO: Aerial Data Acquisition

Want to experience scenic beauty and relax at the same time? Takoradi boasts some of the best beach areas in West Africa. Picturesque beaches lined with palm trees spaced out just right for hanging hammocks between them; clean sands on the shores of the Mediterranean’s clear blue waters, and ideal for just taking a leisurely swim or getting your surf on! If you are a lover of beaches, you haven’t seen Ghana till you’ve experienced a Takoradi beach. Locals hang out at such beaches as Last Hour beach and Vienna City beach and recommend them to newbies. Perfect weekend activity when you move to the Oil City. Thank us later.

Convenient Living

Takoradi Attractions

A vendor at the Takoradi Market Circle

Living in Takoradi, you will experience the convenience residents of Accra crave. The market circle is within the city and not very isolated from residences. Also, there are services and goods providers set up in various convenient points all over the city. The best part? There’s little to no traffic jams in Takoradi. You could get from point A to B very easily without too much time spent on the road, allowing you the freedom to go about your daily duties efficiently.

Also, Takoradi is the second of two port cities in Ghana. What this means for you is easier access to your imported goods since there is not as much pressure here as in the other port in Tema. You could also have more ease in exporting goods from Ghana if you are in that line of business.

Great Luxury Accommodation

protea hotel takoradi

Protea Hotel in Takoradi via Agoda.com 

If you are a lover of luxurious living of international standards, Takoradi is just the place to locate your new home so you’ll always be within easy reach of the pampered life. The city boasts some great lodges and hotels including the Atlantic Hotel, the Protea Hotel and the internationally acclaimed Best Western Hotel, where you can get service and standards that measure up to your high expectations. Planter’s Lodge which sits on 3 hectares of tropical gardens, is a getaway haven with its breathtaking colonial style and coveted amenities including a spa and large outdoor pool.

Takoradi is a vibrant, youthful, fast-growing city full of opportunities. You should make it a point to experience this exciting city if you haven’t yet. If you decide to settle or extend your stay, you’ll find some really affordable deals on home rentals or outright purchase on measa.com.

Did we miss out some other awesome reasons to live in Takoradi? Let us know in the comments.

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