Imagine waking up and being able to cook something in your own modern kitchenette, having your apartment cleaned frequently and enjoying all the benefits of staying in a hotel, but for less. Serviced apartments, also befittingly called hotel apartments, are perfect for business travelers, vacationers and expatriates on short-term assignment. Offering accommodation much cheaper than what a hotel charges, serviced apartments are fully furnished, are usually well-situated in the centre of the city and feel a lot more like home for short or long term stay.

Here are 4 reasons to consider a serviced apartment (as an alternative over a hotel) if you need a place to rent for at least three to four months:

meQasa Serviced Apartment Benefits

Hotel Mini Bar

Savings: Hotels charge quite a bit to be in a single bedroom that is likely not that big. There is also a charge for every little thing from laundry to anything taken from the fridge or mini-bar. Paying per night can add up rather quickly and is very expensive if you are staying for more than just a few nights. With a serviced apartment you can pay by month and can strike a deal the longer you stay. Unlike hotels, many do not charge per individual, so if you are three, the expense is not multiplied across. All in all, it works out as a smaller spend than what hotel stay would cost you.

Affordable Luxury: It may not be a hotel but most serviced apartments still boast amazing home amenities you can tap into. From pools to gyms to parking and in some cases, a concierge available around the clock, life can be pretty sweet. One of the best parts of renting a serviced apartment is having your own kitchen and washer-dryer which you would not have in a hotel. No need to eat in expensive restaurants daily or pay for every sock. These amenities all included in the monthly rent help you settle in, feel right at home and save you money.

meQasa Serviced Apartments benefits

Space: For a few nights, it’s fine to be stuck in a small bedroom, but if you need a stay of several months, the walls start to close in quickly. Serviced apartments, like a regular apartment, give you the feel of a normal home with most offering spacious bedrooms but also other common areas like a living room to relax in and even dining rooms. Some are also simple studio apartments.

meQasa Serviced Apartments Benefits


Housekeeping: The idea of a maid ready to clean your space every morning like clock-work sounds ideal, but can get annoying soon enough. For days when you just want to sleep in, the dreaded “Housekeeping!” hotel call is unwelcome. Some hotels do housekeeping twice a day, and you are forced to leave to allow them to do a proper job. For a stay of a few to several months, you probably want to feel rather normal and sure, have your apartment cleaned, but at your convenience. Serviced apartments still offer help with keeping your short-term home spic and span but less frequently, like a few times a week. This is more than enough.


Coming to Ghana soon to work for about 6 months or for a few weeks of holiday and need to find apartments for rent? If you’ve never thought about another means of accommodation than a hotel, now we’re sure you are. You are likely to enjoy staying in a serviced apartment and may never look back. Here are a few available serviced apartments.