Why Low End or Cheap Properties Are Difficult To Find Online

Finding low end or cheap properties online is difficult to do in Ghana for a few reasons. This article aims to help you understand how to overcome this difficulty. The real estate and housing market in Ghana, when considered in terms of cost, can be split into three tiers: High-end, Mid-range and Low-end properties.

Pretty subjective, but for the purposes of this article, low-end would be those properties that are most affordable (incidentally, the most sought-after properties). These include properties (usually, 1 or 2 bedrooms) that cost GH¢500 and below for rent; mid-range properties would be those that cost between GH¢500 and GH¢3,000 to rent, and high-end properties are those that cost above GH¢3,000 to rent.

Most times, a real estate agent feels more incentive to list the more expensive properties they represent on listing platforms and less of their cheaper properties. This is done mainly for 3 reasons:

1. It normally takes more time to get the more expensive ones off the market and so, time spent putting it up online is considered time very well spent. Listing cheaper properties doesn’t feel as rewarding mainly because, almost immediately after listing those, they receive calls from interested buyers or renters and within a short time, the property is off the market, and the agent has to return to the online platform(s) where the property is listed to take it off.

sample cheap properties from meqasa.com

cheap Property from meqasa.com

2. Cheaper properties are usually smaller and, possibly, in neighbourhoods whose beauty is difficult to capture on camera and so, will not look as attractive as their more expensive counterparts when a seeker is looking at properties online to buy or rent.

3. Agents are used to having seekers call them and ask about properties that are less expensive than what the agent has advertised online. For this reason, they go ahead and market the expensive ones online with the knowledge that when a seeker calls them, the reason is either to inquire about the more expensive property listed online or to find out if less expensive properties are represented by that agent. Following this logic, an agent feels listing a more expensive property would be like marketing multiple properties with the effort of marketing only one.

So, with this information, if you find properties for rent or for sale that are a little above your budget in a neighbourhood you like on meqasa.com, don’t be shy to call the agent representing it. Chances are, they have the property you’re looking for and haven’t advertised it. Even if they don’t have it, it is very likely they know someone else who does. So go on, call the agents on meqasa.com today, for your next home, office or other real estate or housing need!