What has been your inspiration when it comes to selecting a paint colour for your home or office space? Is it determined by your mood, your love for the colour or you simply do not mind. The paint colour you use in a particular space says a lot about. In a previous post, we described the implication of some colours on the behaviour of the occupants in a room.

In this post, we will take you through four other colours and what they say about your personality:

Black is sophisticated. Black is classy but for most Ghanaians, black paint for a room will signify gloom but if you are bold to stand against the odds, black can turn your room into a sanctuary. You can also combine black with other neutral colours or create a feature wall or you can combine it with bright furniture.

Most people associate pink with girls but pink can also signify romance, joy or excitement. If you want to create lively atmosphere on occupants, you can use pink.
If painting the entire room will make it bright, you can use pink as an accent colour. Pink combined with black provides an amazing room. Limiting pink to the girl’s’ bedroom is also an option to be considered.

One place where rich brown paint will spell nothing but sophistication is the office or the kitchen or the dining room. Rich brown signifies hard work hence when you are feeling lazy to meet those deadlines; the colour of the room will push you to attain a higher height, that is why it is one recommended colour for your office. It can also be the paint colour for your living room if you want an outstanding space.

Neutral colors like grey or white
These are the safest colours that you can choose for any space. They are inexpensive and more permanent. Neutral colours can be used for every room and without worrying about the effects it will have on the occupants. Such colours match with brighter furniture which serve as accents. To avoid the trouble of deciding what to combine with other colours, why not go for neutrals?

Do not choose a paint colour without understanding the message it conveys and the effect it has on your energy level. Take time to go through the different colours and settle on why you are selecting it. If you are still not certain, you can paint a small portion of your room.

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