Upcycling everyday Objects That Add Spunk to Your Home

Switching up your decor is a great way to keep your home feeling new and alive but repeatedly switching it up could strangle your finances. This doesn’t have to be so because, there are tonnes of great things you can do with inexpensive everyday objects that you often disregard and probably have stacked away in a dusty corner. In addition to decorating on a budget, we compiled 5 killer ways of upcycling these mundane objects, either as add-ons or complete overhauls, to deliver fresh, funky, creative and eye-catching aesthetics in your home.

1. Fulani Hat + Lamp

Odd combination? Not quite. A Fulani hat over your lamp is an edgy touch that not only softens your bulb’s light, but creates a cool and inviting ambience that just sets you at ease. Beyond that, the setup creates a very artsy vibe and can be a great conversation starter especially in awkward situations. Fun tip, low light is claimed to boost creativity by some experts so do tap into this easy upcycling hack and have fun making magic.


2. Mason Jars + Photo Prints

Don’t just take a bunch of selfies and pictures that stay on your phone. Printed photos are special, and your photos don’t need to be housed in the regular square or rectangle frames. Old jam jars and mason jars are great options to consider. Placing your photos inside the jars not only accentuate your decor and grab attention for their uniqueness, they also offer a fresh and interactive way to engage with your photos. Think of it as your very own 3D photo gallery.

3. Tyres

Upcycling tyres is a great pastime of DIY hobbyists and for good reason. Old tyres aren’t hard to come by and make for some of the most interesting and creative projects out there. They can be used differently outdoors as garden beds, swings, and even garden ponds. These rugged wheels also work great indoors and can be upcycled into cozy footrests, coffee tables and chairs. Audiophiles craving a new kind of experience can also benefit from this multipurpose object.

4. Plastic Mats

Considering an expensive rug? Plastic mats are a great alternative. These cheap mats are a fantastic way to add some colour to your floors. The mat’s swirling shapes and mix-matched colours feel great under tables and can be a good excuse to kick off your flip-flops and feel the floor with your bare feet.

5. Wine Bottles

If you’re in need of affordable cheap garden edging for your backyard, you’re in luck. Old wine bottles can be upcycled for that. This is a creative way to demarcate your garden or lawn, and to, in very few words, tell people to stay off. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even upcycle the bottles into a footpath by planting the necks into the ground and meticulously arranging them however you want. This can be a fun activity to take up with your better half on the weekend. Too much? You can simply position uniquely shaped or coloured wine bottles at vantage spots around your house to add class to your decor.

Creative ways of upcycling wine bottles

One blog post is woefully insufficient to showcase the creative world of upcycling everyday objects but these should have you off to a great start. Even if you live in a rental you can make your apartment feel like your own property. What objects did we miss that can be creatively re-used?