QUOTE: A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.
George A.Moore

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. And homes are always made from houses and people. To build a home we need the house first. Staying at a place where you might spend your life requires the matters of the heart, Choice of colour, design, location, style and materials.

Exploring different types of houses with pictures around the world shares more light on design, virtual experience and improve our choice of house style, architecture and design of our preferred house. Finding the right house design can be daunting if we don’t know what we are looking for.

How many different types of houses are there in the world? This question cannot be adequately answered. However, throughout history, there have been some significant house models mounted from prehistoric time to the 21st century. Houses built like Hut, Bungalow, Cottage, Ranch, I-house, Gablefront, Split-level, Tower, Longhouse, Housebarn, Two-family duplex, Three-family triplex, Four-family quadplex, Townhouse, Terraced house, Ranch houses and more are described with pictures in the article.

To some of us, building a house or a home can be a four-walled fixture on a permanent land. But to others, this is a sanctuary, a hidden cave, a place to rest and a place where there is security, family and happiness. This is why people use different types of design and techniques to build their best house to live in. Let’s take a tour of different types of homes around the world with pictures.

  • Single-family Detached

    A single-family detached house is basically a stand-alone house. It sits on its own property without attaching itself to other houses, unlike Semi-Detached houses which share a common wall. The single-family detached is also called Stand-alone house or single-dwelling house. Some of the types of Single-family Detached houses are Cottages, Bungalows, Villas, and Mansions. According to experts and surveys, more people prefer the Single Family Detached house to other house types. About 70% of Americans live in single-family homes. A Single Family Detached Home is a home that is not attached to another home in another way.
    The House is built on its own property, completely separate from other houses. Single Family Detached houses started to be popular after World War II because of more immigrants migrating to the suburbs. More single Family detached houses are described in this article.

  • Single-Family Attached

    Two-family or duplex house is a two living unit attached and sharing a common wall. In some countries, they are also called semi-detached.
    Three-family or triplex is three living units which is attached or placed side-by-side and shares common walls.
    Four-family or quadplex is a four living unit with two units on the first floor and two on the second floor or placed side-by-side.
    Townhouse, terraced or rowhouse refers to a single-family attached housing units attached side-by-side sharing common wall. Some of the examples of Townhouses or terraced house are Linked house, Linked semi-detached, Mews property and Patios house.

  • Bungalow

    The name Bungalow originated from Hindi: “Bangala” developed in the Bengal region. A Bungalow typically is a normal Single-family detached house which may contain a small loft. Bungalows can be single-story or story which may be built into a sloping roof with dormer windows.

    Importance of Bungalows: Bungalows are very favourable and expedient for homeowners because all the living areas are on a single story with no stairs between living areas. Bungalows are also suited to persons with impaired mobility like people in wheelchairs and the elder. And they are also a fast and efficient way to move about in the entire house.

    Cost of Building Bungalows: Bungalows are more expensive to build than 2-story buildings because they need larger foundations with roof areas.

  • Cottage

    A Cottage is a small house. Normally Cottages are regarded as being old or old-fashioned style of building. They are built with a modest style and normally located in semi-rural locations or villages where there appear to be farmlands, lakes or rivers.

  • Ranch

    A Ranch House is a style of house which is built as a one-story building designed low to the ground with a low-pitched roof usually rectangular or L or U-shaped with overhanging eaves. The ranch-style house normally originated from California, United States. The California ranch-style house was developed in the United States in the early 20th century before World War II. There is also the Tract ranch house and the Suburban ranch.

  • I-House

    An I-house is a two-story building that is one room deep with a double-pen, hall-parlour, central-hall or saddlebag layout. Some of the types of an I-House is the New England I-House, the Pennsylvania I-House and the Southern I-House.
    The New England I-House is characterized by a central chimney while the Pennsylvania I-House is characterized by internal gable-end chimneys at the interior of either side of the house. The Southern I-House is characterized by outside gable-end chimneys on the exterior of either side of the house.

    Gablefront House

    A Gablefront house which is also called Gablefront Cottage has a gable or a triangle shaped design at the top of the house. The house is designed to possess a pinnacle edge or peak which is normally faced at the roadside or street. There are about three types of Gablefront House officially.
    An A-Frame Gable House, as literally called, has an A-shaped design still following the triangle design but to the base of the base with steeple angle sides to the roofline.
    A Chalet Gablefront house is built into a mountainside with wide sloping roof. Also called the Swiss chalet, this type of house originated from the Alpine region of Europe, made of wood with a heavy and gently sloping roof with strongly supported eaves mounted at right angles at the front of the house.
    Charleston Single House is also a form of Gable house which originates from Charleston, South Carolina – United States. This type of house has a narrow side, two or three bays wide with a gable end along the street.

  • Split-Level House

    Split-Level House, as the name denotes, is a type of house with two sections almost equal but located on two different levels with a short stairway in the middle connecting them.  It is a type of house that was normally built in the 1950s and 1960s.  The floor levels to this type of house are staggered with two short set of stairs with one going upward towards the bedroom and the other going down towards the basement. The basement is where the garage is normally located.

  • Tower House

    Tower houses are compact two-story houses that were normally depicted in medieval times. Some examples of tower houses are; Irish tower houses: These type of houses were constructed in Scotland, Ireland until the 17th century. They were often surrounded by defensive walls called bawns. Kulla: This is the Albanian name for Tower house.  Peel Tower: Also referred to as Pele Tower is a type of Tower house that was fortified but used primarily as houses or keeps. They were used as watch towers to signal approaching danger. Vainakh Tower: This type of Tower house reached up to four stories and were used for either residential or military purposes., or even both.  Welsh Tower Houses: These were fortified stone houses in Ireland and Scotland built between the 14th and 15th centuries.

  • Longhouse

    A longhouse  is a type of house which is built as a long and narrow single room building. It is mostly built by people in Asia, North America and Europe. Most longhouses are built with timber. There are two types of Long Houses. The Geestharden House and the Uthland-Frisian House. The Geestharden House originated from Germany. It is also called the Cimbrian House or Schleswig House. The Geestharden House is crosswise divided with side and roof being aligned with the street. The accommodation and living areas are housed under one roof but rooms are not joined. The Uthland-Frisian House is most popular. Modern-day longhouses have been improved with elegant designs and latest architecture include glass windows and high-security tech.

  • HouseBarn

    A Housebarn is a type of house that is a combination of a house and barn. The known types of Housebarns are Barndominium, Byre-dwelling, Connected Farm House and Frutihaus. Barndominium houses include living space connected to a workshop or the barn. Most of the time these barns are for horses or a recreational vehicle or boats.
    Byre-Dwelling also called Wohnstallhaus is farmhouse built for people and livestock or grain barn under a single roof.
    Connected Farm is a type of farmhouse common in New England in the United States and Wales in the United Kingdom. Normally this type of houses are connected with farm, house, kitchen and barn.
    A frutighaus is a type of barnhouse which orignates in the Frutigland region of Switzerland.

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