Real estate agents and brokers are sometimes at a loss when it comes getting their properties off the market. “We are not getting enough leads, so what should we do?” a number of agents ask. Generating interests for listed properties is an activity that requires tact and effort.  Follow these simple rules to generate interests, leads and sales for that property you have listed.

  1. Make Good Use of Real Estate Portals Home Page for property listingA number of agents and brokers select portals based on the costs only. “We like to use this property portal because it is free or cheap,” they say to you. Do not make such an error. Select property portals based off what they are willing to offer you and how fast they will aid in generating leads for that property you have on the market., for instance, has a number of great offers for agents and brokers which makes their properties sell faster. Buying or renting a house is a big decision and an investment as well, therefore the need to invest in good advertisement channels for the property.

  2. Promote On Social Media

    social media listingsIn this era that technology is expanding at a very fast rate, ensure you are not left behind. One important tool to use to generate interest for that property you have on the market is by using social media platforms. Facebook enables you to share photographs and texts at the same time. Twitter gives you the opportunity to share photos and some texts, although you are limited to the number of characters. Google+ is a microblogging site that you can explore as an agent or a broker.

    Instagram is a great platform that allows you to share photos and videos of properties. Capitalize on Instagram’s ever-expanding features to offer a personalized real estate experience to followers. Alternatively, you can try Snapchat or LinkedIn. There is a wide range of individuals who resort to the internet and other social media platforms when searching for properties; make good use of them.

  3. Try Videos Too!

    smartphone videography for listingsOne mode of generating interest and attracting buyers to your property which most Ghanaian agents and brokers have not explored yet is the video tour. Videos can now be taken with just a smartphone. You won’t need to edit the videos if they are taken properly. Short videos of a property can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. This will give prospective buyers who may not be in the country a vivid idea of the property you have on offer. Plus, it’s great for your branding.

Have you sold properties using any of the means we have mentioned in this post? We will be glad to hear your story.