Are penthouses and top floors the real estate equivalent of sports cars like Bugattis? Possibly. Considering they’re just as expensive and prestigious with only a few people capable of affording them. Which makes one wonder, what is the appeal of the top floor?


Who doesn’t want a little privacy of their own? Living in a penthouse or on the topmost floor means you’re removed from the troubles and drama of your neighbours. Higher floors also isolate you from the constant foot traffic from people accessing the stairs, lobby, elevators and other access points. With a stockpile of supplies and a job that doesn’t require your physical presence, you can literally spend all day in your penthouse with very little intrusion or distraction.

Can you get this in a detached house instead? Sure. But you’d be missing out on the great vistas that apartments offer. Vistas that are even more glorious on the highest floor of a high-rise apartment.


Top floor tranquility

Top floor tranquility | © Jay Sadoff/Unsplash

Having your privacy also means having an abundance of peace, quiet and tranquillity. Top floors and penthouses offer just that in bundles.

One of the drawbacks of living in an apartment is noisy neighbours, directly above, below or across from you. Then there’s also street noise depending on where your apartment is located. Living on the topmost floor isolates you from all of this. Unless, of course, your neighbours are as loud as consecutive nuclear explosions.

Honking cars, ice cream trucks, running kids, arguing love birds, late night shenanigans? None of that matters when you’re on the top floor. It’s nothing but pure bliss.

Safety & Security

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for any prospective homeowner. Who wants to

While unlikely, in the event of flooding, the topmost floor (better yet the roof) is the one place with the best chance of survival for tenants. Conversely, it’s also the worst place for other disasters such as fires and earthquakes. Evacuating tenants from high up takes longer and poses greater risks than for people living close to the ground.

The logic when it comes to security in an apartment is that, the ground floors are much easier to break into from outside than the highest floor, without any risky climbing. For the security-conscious, this might be all the motivation they need to live as far off the ground as possible.  

Spectacular Views + Great Natural Lighting

apartment top floor

Penthouse views | © Emmanuel Appiah/Unsplash

The opportunity to look over the vast expanse of a city, especially, at night is always a beautiful sight to behold. Nothing beats the view from the balcony of the top floor of an apartment block. It makes for great photos as well as meaningful moments of introspection. The view is even better if the apartment is located in or close to a scenic location.  

In a post about things to look out for when buying a house, we shared, “wide windows mean more natural light in the rooms, implying that there would not be any need to switch on the light every time you enter the room”. Living on the top floor guarantees your interior is bright and flooded with all the natural light you can get.

No Pests Along for the Climb

Have annoying pests at home you can’t get rid of no matter what? On the top floor, that’s not going to be a problem. Pests are unlikely to be trouble the higher up you go. They’re unlikely to burrow into your walls and become unwanted neighbours.

Additionally, penthouses shouldn’t have a bug problem since most insects won’t be flying as high.

Why There Aren’t Many High Rise Apartments in Ghana

top floor of Villagio Condominium

Villagio Condominium

A ride through Ghana will reveal a staggeringly low number of high rise structures in the country, residential or otherwise. The tallest buildings in Ghana average between 10 and 12 floors. Despite the appeal of top floors, it seems Ghanaians aren’t particularly enthused by the prospects. Because of this, you’ll usually find mostly 4-storey apartments for rent or sale in Ghana.

A study by Asiedu Rita, revealed that “high rise living is not attractive to the majority of the Ghanaian population because people have this perception about high rise buildings which include the collapse of the building, lift breakdown, fear of heights, fear of the use of lifts and the absence of experience”. Add to this, a low level of trust in the abilities of the authorities to properly handle potential disasters in high rise buildings decreases the desire of most to inhabit and/or develop such structures.

As Ghana’s real estate matures and mindsets shift, you can expect top floors to become as coveted as they are in other parts of the world and in effect, cause an explosion of high rises across the country, starting from the capital, Accra, where you can find an abundance of apartments for rent.