top accra coworking spaces
Obtaining office space in Ghana is near impossible for startups and freelancers with very limited budgets. Rent costs far exceed what most startups and freelancers can realistically afford. To curb this, these startups and freelancers rely on coffee shops like Vida e Cafe or Second Cup and co-working spaces which are cheaper, foster collaboration and creativity and often run incubator programmes they can take advantage of.

If you’re just starting a business, are a freelancer or require a slightly more structured working space, the list below is a good guide to fall on.

  1. Impact Hub Accra
    Impact Hub Accra co-working space

    Impact Hub Accra is one of the most prominent co-working spaces in Accra over the last decade. Originally Hub Accra, this co-working space was founded by William Senyo and is now part of the global Impact Hub network. The hub offers dedicated working spaces as well as an open, collaborative environment where freelancers can work from. The hub offers fast and reliable internet along with dedicated electric power.

    The hub also runs several incubator programmes for start-ups as part of its overarching mission to promote entrepreneurship by engineering an environment for innovation in order to accelerate the African Startup Ecosystem in Ghana. The hub has also become an important venue for tech-related events in Accra.

    Impact Hub Accra Direction

    Impact Hub Accra is located in Osu, close to Tea Baa, the popular tea venue in Accra. See the map below for more direction details. Learn more about the hub at Impact Hub Accra.

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  2. iSpace Ghana

    Unlocking women and technology at iSpace Accra, one of many co-working spaces

    UWAT Participants at iSpace Accra. Photo via

    Founded in 2013 by techpreneurs Josiah Kwesi Eyison and Fiifi Baidoo, iSpace provides a conducive office space where the best ideas can flourish. iSpace is famous for its technology-based capacity building initiatives such as Code School and Unlocking Women and Technology, Phoenix Kids and Unlocked at iSpace.

    Additionally, iSpace serves as an incubator that helps individuals and groups launch and manage their business ideas. The co-working space also hosts several events on its grounds from social media seminars, hackathons to art exhibitions and conventions. At GH¢20/day, iSpace offers the cheapest day passes.

    iSpace Ghana Location

    iSpace is located .It used to be located at at Labone, down the street from Bosphorous, the Turkish restaurant in Accra. See the map below for more details. Learn more about iSpace at

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  3. Basecamp Initiative

    Basecamp Initiative co-working space
    Many Ghanaian co-working spaces lean heavily towards technology but that’s where BaseCamp Initiative stands out. It is a unique co-working space tailored for creativity and innovation. Basecamp offers an intimate and relaxed working space that does away with the sometimes rigid corporate atmosphere other co-working spaces offer. It offers a homely and aesthetically pleasing ambience meant to foster creativity and collaboration.

    Like it’s tech counterparts, Basecamp Initiative also runs incubator programmes geared towards the arts industry. It also offers fast fibre-optic internet access and is a wonderful events venue thanks to its location.

    Location of Basecamp Initiative

    Basecamp Initiative is located on the same premises as Crystal Park, the popular event venue at East Legon. See more direction details on the map below. Learn more at Basecamp Initiative via Facebook.

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  4. Workshed: Authentic Co-Working Spaces

    Workshed co-working space at Batsonaa

    For freelancers residing in and around the Spintex Area and Tema, Workshed Africa is the no-brainer co-working space of choice. Workshed is a co-working community that aims to provide a workspace that is comfortable and affordable for freelancers and startups to nurture and grow their businesses. The space was founded by Andrew Bimpong and Richard Bempong as a solution to their own search for an office space. Workshed offers dedicated spaces for both teams and individuals as well as meeting rooms, including a Skype Room.

    Workshed provides a nice lounge area along with an outdoor terrace where workers can take a break and soak in the energy of the Spintex Area. It also runs several happy hours which are a great way to de-stress and better network with other like-minded people in the space.

    Location of Workshed

    Workshed is located at Baatsonaa on the Spintex Road. See the map below for details. Learn more about Workshed.

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  5. Kukun

    Kukun at Osu, one of many co-working spaces in Accra by Mamestastes

    Kukun co-working space at Osu. Photo via

    Osu is a melting pot of Accra’s vibrant nightlife, restaurants, homes and offices and Kukun earnestly embodies this spirit. Kukun is a cafe, bar, co-working space and a community within Osu. While many of the co-working spaces are mainly about getting work done first, Kukun takes a mirrored approach, socialise first. The goal is to provide an “inspiring space where Accra’s like-minded community of talent and visionaries can meet, work, collaborate and socialise”. Kukun offers dedicated spaces, meeting rooms and even a training room!

    For its dedicated services, Kukun is more suited for startup teams while individuals can enjoy some of its services within the Cafe & Bar after purchasing something to drink or eat. Kukun boasts a large outdoor garden great for hosting events and re-connecting with nature after a long day’s work. Some of the events hosted by Kukun include the LABs at the annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival this year.

    Location of Kukun

    Kukun is located near Ako-Adjei Park at Osu. See the map below for details. Learn more about Kukun.

These are some of the most impressive and budget-friendly working spaces perfect for startups and freelancers in Accra. We anticipate more of such working environments as Ghana’s startup and freelance ecosystem continues to grow.


Update (November 20, 2018): The original article state that iSpace is located at Labone, down the street from Bosphorous, the Turkish restaurant in Accra. The co-working space has since moved to a new location at Spintex, 2 blocks away from Potter’s House Church, Accra.