Three Amazing Things to Do With Your Garden Space

A garden in your home does not only beautify the environment but can serve as a nice DIY project for you to undertake. Most homeowners with gardens love to show them off to family and friends and even make the most of the space to entertain guests.

Do you feel your garden looks a bit boring or are you looking for ideas to improve on what you have? Here are three garden ideas to help make your outdoor space look even more beautiful.

1. Go against the conventional

Add some creativity by introducing unused old furniture such as drawers built of wood that you probably want to discard. Fill it with some garden soil and start planting some seed or plants, so that it can serve as a flower bed. You can also incorporate wood pallets into your garden space to create unique ways to showcase your garden as pictured above.

What about an old car tyre that you are thinking of getting rid of? This can also be filled with soil and seeds or flowers can be planted in it. Add some colour to the garden by painting the tyre with some bright paint.

Do not discard your children’s broken toys; your child’s mini truck can be used to plant some flowers. Wooden boxes can also serve as a place for the plants. Tree stumps in the middle of the garden can also serve as a platform to place flower pots.

If any of these ideas seem too difficult for you, just apply some paint to your existing flower bed to give it a different appearance. If there are marbles or broken rocks in your garden, paint them with some bright colours.

2. Add More Creativity to Your Garden Space

A garden should not necessarily be one with just a standard flower bed. Have you considered a hanging garden? This can easily be done if there is a huge tree in the middle of the garden and tiny vases or pots are hanged on their branches.

If you live in an apartment, don’t fret – having a garden may still be an option. Or what about a vertical garden, where planters are mounted on a fence or other structure to suspend them? These are the perfect options for apartment-dwellers who still want to be surrounded by greenery.

3. Include Seating

The beauty of the garden can only be admired if there is seating. A tree stump or rock piece can serve as a beautiful garden chair. If there is none of these in the garden, then a chaise or lovers bench can be constructed in the middle of the garden. The garden can serve as a place for you to receive visitors, instead of always using the sitting room in your home. If you do not have one, this is the time to start a garden.

Do you have a garden? This is the time to show it off. We would love to see photos so share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.