The Top Sought Home Amenities

You are driving through a neighbourhood and there it is. Gorgeous 2-storey house with luscious gardens and a TO LET sign beckoning. But what else does it have to offer as a home? Some things are nice to have, others are an absolute must. Although, these are all subjective and differ from person to person, whether you are renting or actually seeking to purchase a property.

What someone insists they cannot live without might just be empty frills to you. As you conduct your house hunt, it is key to pinpoint what home features and amenities you ought to have. Don’t just think about it. Jot them down. Build a checklist,  so that you can easily cross out properties that do not meet your expectations. Below is a list of the top sought home amenities home seekers look out for.

Top Sought Home Amenities

  1. Air conditioners/ Ceiling Fans
  2. Closet
  3. Generator
  4. Water Reservoir
  5. Internet
  6. Washer-Dryer
  7. Gym
  8. Garage
  9. Swimming Pool
  10. Garden
  11. Balcony/ Porch/ Patio.

In the meantime, here are a few ways to go about thinking about what home amenities you need.

Perhaps you’ve already decided on the basics – how much you are willing to spend, what neighbourhoods, how many bedrooms and baths and the type of home (apartment, townhouse/home or house). Now it’s time to think beyond to the features that will affect your daily life and make living more comfortable per your needs.


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The 5 areas of the home that typically spur specific desires are the kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, living room and outdoors. If you have just moved from abroad or are leaving your parents’ home with nothing to your name, then having a furnished place would be high up on your list. Does the area experience water issues very frequently? Backup water supply would be one of the first questions to the homeowner. Should ‘Lights Off’ be the norm in your chosen neighbourhood, then having a generator is a no-brainer.

You plan to have a house-help but are not a fan of hand-washed clothing? Look out for places that have a washer-dryer. If built-in wardrobes are nice but just not enough to stomach your overflowing stash of clothes and shoes, you might want to ensure you have a walk-in closet or two.

Some consider the heat in Ghana nice and others would die without artificially cold blasts of air – therein lies the difference between air conditioners being. Some consider the heat in Ghana nice and others would die without artificially cold blasts of air – therein lies the difference between the necessity of air conditioners in all rooms versus maybe fans in bedrooms and an A/C in the living room only. What about an upstairs balcony, having water heaters or a 2-car garage?

Swimming Pool. Sought after home amenities

Swimming pool for the kids?  Image Credit:

Amenities extend beyond the walls of your home. Think about the outdoors and even the larger community. Would it be ideal to have a swimming pool so the kids can learn how to swim from home and you can take a dip when the temperatures are off the charts? You’re a gym buff but you get off too late to ever make it to the gym close to work? It might be a good idea to find an apartment with a fitness centre. Does the area have a number of stores you can easily pop into for a few groceries on the weekends? If you don’t have a car and need to be able to get a cab easily, does this place offer that?

We know – decisions, decisions. Depending on your budget, you may just not be able to have it all, so PRIORITISING is the name of the game. You can get pretty close, though it can be challenging to decide what is most important on the spot. So go through this exercise early in the process to make for a faster and smoother path to finding a new home.

Know some other things that are good amenities and services to have that we left out? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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