housing fair

Meqasa.com is Ghana’s leading real estate website with over 150 thousand users visiting the site each month. In the last two years, meqasa has successfully hosted three major housing fairs with a fourth one on the way. The next “Meqasa Home and Property Fair 2020” is scheduled to take place on 4th and 5th April 2020 from 9am to 6pm on each day of the event at the Silver Star Tower in Accra. 

The population of Ghana which is heading towards 30 million people with an expatriate population of about 40,000 people, most of whom live in Accra continue to demand for a real estate industry that is tailored to meet the specific needs of residents from different economic and social backgrounds. This upcoming housing fair is an effort on the part of meqasa.com to satisfy this demand. 

The housing fair is an experience that all serious property seekers and real estate developers must partake in to fully enjoy the benefits of quality and affordable real estate projects. 

Here are ten reasons why you must definitely consider attending the event whether you are looking to buy a property or not.

  1. Choose from a wide variety of properties on display
    The Meqasa Home and Property Fair 2020 is an excellent platform to choose from properties that are up for sale by real estate developers. These properties often come at a discount during the housing fairs.

  2. Engage directly with Real Estate developers
    This is an opportunity to engage directly with real estate developers and high-end real estate agencies. You get to meet them on an up-close and personal basis. This way, they can effectively answer your enquiries and concerns about their properties and also get acquainted with the different types of properties they may have in order to make the best decision on what kind of property will be suitable for you.

  3. Opportunity to make informed decisions about real estate
    The Housing Fairs are organized in order to help people make informed decisions about real estate. The event is a gathering of real estate experts, stakeholders and ancillary service providers who will help you make an informed decision on how, when and what to consider when making plans to acquire a property.

  4. Opportunity to be enlightened at seminar events
    The highlight of the Meqasa Home and Property Fair will be a seminar session that offers insightful and instructive topics in real estate to keep you abreast with current trends and demands in the real estate market. The seminars are held by top industry experts who enlighten the attendees on grey areas in real estate.

  5. Lots of prizes to be won
    There are lots of prizes to be won kind courtesy of the sponsors of the event. Prizes range from a television set, microwave, kettle among others. The names of all attendees are placed in a bowl and then picked at random. The randomly chosen persons are asked a few questions for them to redeem their prizes.

  6. Networking opportunities
    This is an opportunity to network with “like-minded” people who may also be interested in the same things you are interested in. They can assist you in making the right choices.

  7. Build brand awareness
    This is an opportunity to display and showcase your brand to hundreds of people attending the housing fair. Real estate developers and ancillary service providers record a high number of sales during the meqasa housing fairs as people patronize their products and services and then develop a relationship with their brand.

  8. Gain direct access to key decision-makers
    The housing fairs are specially organized to bring together influential and key decision-makers who are an authority in the real estate industry. This is an opportunity to meet and build personal relationships with them.

  9. Children’s Arena
    There will be a children’s arena where parents can leave their children to play while the parents attend to the housing fair. This is in an effort to keep the children from distracting their parents while they attend to serious business.
  10. Great Mortgage Options
    The meqasa Home and Property Fair is the only housing fair where you can find multiple mortgage providers in one place, as opposed to say just one major one. What this means for you is more options so you can compare and contrast and find the best home financing institution for your needs. 

Here is a quick teaser of our upcoming fair this April!