How to Make Yourself a big Bathroom

If your dream home includes a really large bathroom with space enough for a queen-sized bed and maybe a small boat; well good luck with that. Most real estate agents may skip the part about a big bathroom and if you really like the house, you may have to skip that dream of yours. Here are four ways to make your small bathroom appear bigger.

Mirrors: Setup a large mirror in your bathroom to give it that spacious feel. To get the optimum effect, place the mirror opposite a window and your bathroom will appear to have two windows. A big mirror that reaches the ceiling also helps to add that grand look to your bathroom. So go big on mirrors.

Lighting: Light up your bathroom with as much natural light as you can. Natural light makes the bathroom more desirable. If natural light is inadequate, you can put additional light fixtures to increase the brightness of your bathroom. Also painting the walls with the same colour as the ceiling makes it feel spacious. White paint reflects light, so having an all-white wall and all white ceiling will definitely make your bathroom appear bigger.

Clear glass panel: Using tinted glass creates some sort of visual barrier. Use a clear glass in place of tinted ones to allow more light to filter through and help create the illusion of a bigger space.

Storage: Keep only the bare necessities in the bathroom. If you don’t need it there, it shouldn’t be there. Keep your storage cabinet as level with the walls as possible because anything that sticks out will appear to close up space. You can use recessed shelves in place of cabinets.

It takes just a few changes in your bathroom to give it that big open feel. This can also be applied in other rooms where you need more space.