real estate agentsAre you a developer, broker or a real estate agent? How has the year been for you? Were you able to close any deals or make some huge sales this year? Well, since the year is almost ending, Meqasa advises you take stock of the year and start strategizing in order to close huge deals. Real estate agents, we take you through some ways by which you can market your property as an agent, broker or developer for the coming year.

Have an online presence

Lets face it, there are a lot of real estate companies in Ghana that are professional. To stand out, it is very pertinent to have an online presence as an agent if you wish to be noticed by people all over the globe.

If your aim is to reach people all over the world and not just the Ghanaian populace, then you should have a website and be active on social media. Ensure you update these sites regularly with the most current information about the property you have for sale.

Creating a website is quite simple but it involves some level of skill and money but there are online markets solely dedicated to the marketing and sale of properties like Meqasa, which you can take advantage of as an agent.

Social media platforms like Twitter enables you communicate in a few words and with photos while Instagram is focused mainly on pictures. Facebook accounts also enables you to communicate both in words as well as with pictures. Place all you houses for rent in Accra on to stay active.

It is important to have an email address dedicated to your business that prospective clients can reach you, in case they want to know more about the property you have advertised online.

Act Promptly

It is very imperative you act promptly as an agent in terms of responding to emails and returning phone calls. In order to do this, you need a smartphone which will allow you to get on the internet no matter the location or the time of the day. Responding to emails promptly is a way of showing prospective clients how serious you about getting your property off the market.

Keep Proper Records and build relationships with Clients

Keeping a database of clients and those who have shown interest in purchasing your property.  Keep an inventory of all those who have called to enquire about a property and the best thing to do is to offer seasons greetings through emails and phone calls.

This allows you as an agent to build healthy relationships with potential customers. If you treat them nicely, they will not forget you and they will contact you whenever they need any property during the year.

Acquire Knowledge and Build Networks

Listing on Meqasa does not only give you the opportunity to show your property to the world but Meqasa helps you navigate your way through being represented online. There are sessions for agents on how to use the website. These sessions teach ways of being more professional in  business as real estate agents in Ghana. It also gives real estate agents the opportunity to network among themselves.

Networking with other real estate agents mean the likelihood of you receiving referrals and recommendations when people are looking for properties. Being an excellent real agent requires you reading a lot about the industry.

Real estate agents have the potential to be very succesful when they put these strategies to work. Let us know what strategies work for you through our social media channels.

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