It’s the new year already and time for some bold home decor ideas. You’ve probably already made plenty of personal, family, financial and career goals. One area you might not think of making new year’s resolutions is for your household. But it’s not too late: there is still plenty you can do to makeover your home for 2020.

In fact, now is the perfect time to take some bold steps to redesign and rejuvenate the home. So we’ve compiled a list of seven easy steps that can be taken to give your home a fresh start this new year.

1. Get rid of neutral-coloured cabinets and shelves

Going safe implies using neutral colours for cabinets and shelves. Sometimes a fresh coat of bright paint could be the answer to breathing life into a boring room. What about selecting some primary colours like red and yellow or uncommon ones like teal and peach. These colours are certain to brighten up any room.

2. Paint the ceiling

Have you ever considered painting the ceiling of a room? It might sound a bit weird and somehow risky but a differently painted ceiling will give your room a completely unique look. Try other colours, including very bright ones like fuchsia or violet. Keep in mind that darker ceilings provide the room a cozy look while lighter shades enlarges the room.

3. Mismatch dining room chairs

Mismatching dining room chairs or reupholstering can add some fire to the room. The mixed-and-matched dining set was one of the biggest interior trends we saw in 2015. This can be quite risky to pull off but fun at the same time. Follow these rules to get it right: keep the colour of your chairs the same but mix up the style, or keep the style the same and buy the chairs in a range of different colours.

4. Add some wall art

Add some art to your walls to make them less boring. The art can also include photos of you or family members. You can even create a photo wall full of family memories. Mirrors can also serve as beautiful arts for the room and at the same time make your room look bigger and brighter than they appear. Think creatively and add some style to your room.

5. Darker paints

Do not place a limitation on yourself. Ignore the conventional colours and go for the darker shades of paint. No need to paint the entire room; the focus can be on just one feature wall. Pair dark shades of paint with bright white furniture to offset the darker colours.

6. Play with patterns and textures

Patterns can be fun. Following a particular pattern does not only imply painting the walls in a certain shade or style but choosing a particular design for the carpet which follows the same theme and brings something different to the room.

7. Use toys as décor

It might sound somewhat strange but do not dispose off those old toys just yet. They can be the most beautiful artwork on the wall. Some of the best and most creative ideas we’ve seen including using old lego pieces to create kitchen containers, or skateboards as shelves to house other odds and ends.

Go ahead! Employ these tips and tell us about the process. We would like to hear from you on Twitter and Facebook.