A home is an asset that everyone aspires to have. Aside sheltering you from the vagaries of the weather, a home serves the purpose of providing security for you.

Feeling secure behind the walls of your home contribute to an improvement in productivity and life in general. Security, however, seems to be a growing issue in modern times so Ghana’s best online real estate marketplace shares some eight tips with you to make your home a safer place.

1. Don’t leave keys at hiding places

Most of us are fond of leaving door keys under floor mats, or places where a burglar can easily spot them. However, the safest decision to make is to carry your keys along with you. If there is a special case, such as leaving it for someone who may be coming over to your end while you are away, it would be best to leave it with a neighbor.

2. Trim trees and shrubs

Burglars are always looking out for objects that can obscure the view of the public. Trees with overgrown branches or shrubs that have been left to grow wildly is the perfect hiding place for someone on the loot. As much as possible, regularly trim those hedges, plants or any other foliage that can conceal the identity of a burglar.

3. The long drive home

It may seem like a Nollywood movie but reality check, these thing happen! Driving through town on your way back home sometimes attracts the attention of misfits. This is especially the case after you have entered a bank or have been seen making some form of financial transaction. Precautions to take, always look in your rear-view mirror for cars that keep tailing you at every turn. If your suspicion heightens, drive to the nearest police station or keep driving around town until your suspects give up.

4. Lighting is important

If you are looking to drive potential robbers away from your house, one of the best solutions is to keep your external surroundings well-lit. Always make sure that all your outside lights, especially at the back and corners of your house work. If possible, get street lights near your home. Most importantly, don’t forget to turn all your inside lights off.

5. Get burglar proof bars

Your house may look fancy with those gorgeous state-of-the-art doors and windows but are they enough to prot0ect your home? Be sure to set up burglar proof bars on your doors and windows to frustrate any burglar that may be prowling.

6. Change those locks

This is where security can be at greatest risk. The best solution is to subscribe to a renowned agency rather than picking up someone virtually unknown to you. If you do hire a total stranger, make sure that individual doesn’t have regular access to your house and change your locks if he or she does not work out.

7. Keep sharp objects away

It is bad enough that someone would invade your home, but worse that you would be lending him a helping hand. Leaving cutlasses, knives, clubs, ladders or anything that could help a burglar successfully execute his operation would make you culpable. Keep all objects in a room where you can lock them.

8. Emergency numbers on speed dial

You should keep the police number locked on your speed dial. Upon hearing any sounds or hint of robbery suspicion, the first thing to do is call the police. Some companies even offer security-related technology that would prompt law enforcers or set off alarms to drive away burglars. Most importantly, keep your bedroom and bathroom doors locked in the event of a burglary, this would slow down your attackers to the point the law enforcers arrive.

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