The Christmas season is greeted in Ghana with the spirit of anticipation and excitement. Most Ghanaians celebrate the yuletide by attending events, church services and visiting relatives in other parts of the country. One thing a lot of people take for granted is what the laws of the land say and how they should protect their homes during this season. If you have ever watched the movie, Home Alone which starred Macaulay Culkin, you would realize that the Christmas season is when you should be most protective of your home and valuables.

The Ghana Police Service has launched the “Operation Father Christmas” to manage security issues in the country ahead of the Christmas Season. This operation has had the services deploying police to places of residence, business and entertainment centres to ensure there is law and order in the next couple of weeks. Of course, drunk drivers will be punished if they are caught by these men and women in uniform.

You do not want to have a brush with the law during this season, so Jumia House Ghana takes you through some of the laws in the country.

Noise Making – What the Law says:

  •         In case you are organizing a party in your home, you should be aware of the Environmental Protection Agency law only allows 55 decibels level of noise during the day and 48 decibels of noise level during the night in residential areas.
  •         The guideline also allows 65 decibels noise level during the day and 60 decibels level of noise in the night at public gatherings.

Again, ensure you do not exceed the noise level or you could be arrested by the Ghana Police.

Firecrackers – What the Law says:

  •         There are so many types of firecrackers and a number of them have been banned in Ghana, for example, Cracking Ground, Maximum Charge, Raging Monster, hand hold fire work sparkles have not been banned.
  •         Those that have been banned include artillery shells and balls, firecrackers and canisters.

Before you use any firecrackers, find out if it has been banned or you will fall into the grips of the law.

Here are some helpful tips that will enable keep safe-guard your home during and after the holiday period:

  1.      Protect your home from criminals with bright lights

Is your home extremely dark or your lighting is poor? Make good use of the season by decorating your home with festive lights. Floodlights will also deter criminals from entering your home.

  1.      Get Rid of Gift Packaging

Receiving gifts during the season is fun but do not be careless by leaving the boxes around; dispose the boxes properly.  New gadgets and appliances come in boxes therefore, they need to be disposed off properly instead of leaving them around, close to your home. Doing this will keep the new items from the eye of burglars.

  1.      Do not advertise your whereabouts on social media

Social media is a mainly a platform for networking don’t be fooled, not everyone on these platforms are friend. Avoid announcing to the world of your vacation destination and the fact that your house is empty. Do not use your newest items as your display photos for that will attract burglars to your home.

  1.      Close your windows and draw curtains and blinds at night

Very importantly when you are staying at home, draw your curtains and blinds at night before you switch on the lights to prevent burglars from seeing the valuable items in your home. Shut all windows, especially now that the country is facing power crisis, always remember to do that before you go to bed.

  1.      Guard your Keys

Do not hide keys under carpets or doormats because burglars are experienced people who have been in the business for quite long. If you are going away for the holidays, it’s better you take the key with you or hand it over to a trusted neighbour for safe-keeping.

  1.      Ensure garages are secure and windows are free of broken or weak spots

Make sure you check your garages are safe and there is no entry to your home through the garage. Check your windows for any weak or broken spots that can make your home accessible to burglars.

  1.      Keep dogs in your Home

Dogs are one of the best guards for your home. Even the mere fact that they are in your home can ward off burglars. There are very wild foreign breeds like the Rottweiler and Doberman who will keep your home safe.