Q&A: What Should I Look For When Buying a House?

One of the most come questions real estate experts are faced with is this: which is more cost effective – building a house or buying one? There is no exact answer to this question. It depends on the individual, the amount of money they have and which will be easier for them to do.

However, if you are looking to buy a property this year, here are some important factors to take into consideration.

1. Size of the Property

Apart from ensuring you are buying the house from a trustworthy developer or agent, the size of the property itself is very important. You know the items you possess; will they fit into the space? What plans do you have for the next couple of years? Do they include starting a family? If you have intentions of getting married or starting a family, then a larger house is what you should be eyeing.

2. The Interior

Will you be happy with the interior of the room in some years to come? Walk through the hall, the kitchen, the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Do you enjoy what you are seeing and the ease with which you are moving through the house, and are you confident that you will love it for years to come?

3. The Exterior

Do you like to own a house with a small or large compound? What are the plans you have for the exterior of the house? Would you like to keep a backyard garden or a deck, or even build an extra room in the future? Ask yourself these critical questions before settling for the house.

4. Size of Windows and Amount of Light

Wide windows mean more natural light in the rooms, implying that there would not be any need to switch on the light every time you enter the room. This is very important. Consider the type of window being used – are they sliding ones or conventional ones? Will it be necessary to keep an air conditioner in the space? Examine these factors properly.

5. The Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood is one of the most important factors. Some neighbourhoods are plush with all the necessary amenities, while others are now developing. Do some research on the history of the neighbourhood with regards to security, amenities and more. These should help you make a more informed decision on whether to take the property or not.

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