Why is Your Listed Property Not Selling?

Listing a property on a real estate portal is a safe way of getting your property sold on the market. Sometimes a property sells very quickly after it has been listed, but sometimes it seems to take forever for it to get sold. We answer some important questions about why some listed properties aren’t selling.

What are the possible reasons a listed property may not be selling?

The price is a little too highAccording to the founder of Isaac Anthony Homes, Anthony Boateng, pricing a property incorrectly is one of the main reasons listed properties do not sell fast. “One thing that doesn’t help real estate agents is the fact that most of the time, customers have a price in mind, which the property will not sell for. After about three to four months, realizing that the property is not selling, the sellers finally decides to decrease the price. Sadly for us, we have lost those months already. Had that property been on the market at the right price, it would have sold.”

How do you come up with the price of the house?

Take into consideration the location and the number of rooms. Properties located in very good locations close to transportation lines, with good infrastructure and utilities are highly sought after. The same goes for areas close to the Central Business District. The location should commensurate with the price and that will make the property attractive to buyers. Take a look at other properties on the market and compare the prices. If you are not certain of the appropriate price of that property, engage the services of a property surveyor.

Your response to potential customers

Your relationship with potential buyers can be one of the reasons your property may not be selling. How often do you check your emails? What is the first set of questions you ask anybody who is interested in your property? The key to selling a listed property is to be responsive, professional and polite to everybody who calls or sends an email to inquire about your property.

How important are images?

Your property is not selling because you have uploaded low quality, blurry or misleading photos. Are the photos bright and attractive? If you are uncertain about the photos, ask for the opinion of others, before you upload the photos. You can employ the services of a photographer to take pictures of the property, which can be used on the property portal.