On average, people spend about 50 hours a week at work, and just evenings and weekends at home. It’s a no-brainer to most to decorate their homes and make it into a comfortable place to live, but some do not think to put much effort into their commercial property. Whether your company is in an office for rent or an owned building, the interiors where employees spend the majority of their time should be well thought out and attractive to clients, vendors and other visitors. We offer a few ideas on how to go about your office interior design and decorate your office space to make it functional, productive, create a positive impression and overall amazing.



An office is a work space and therefore it needs to be designed in a manner that promotes efficient use by employees. Depending on how many people work there, the various departments and need for amenities, bathrooms or kitchen, the space must be designed for easy work flow and movement. You want to be able to have individual work stations or offices but it’s also great to have communal and collaborative hubs for quick huddles as well. Such interior design can either boost or hinder your company culture. Select specific décor elements that also clue into your brand but double as functional.

meQasa Office Interior Design Tips

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A minimum of eight hours in the office means you need to be able to keep alert and energized in order to be productive. One key way to ensure that is simply having good lighting. The best (and free!) light is natural light right through your office windows. Rent an office that has large windows in each room or open space so there is plenty of sunshine to prevent headaches and negative impact on your eyes. You can select very nice blinds or curtains to add to your overall décor and they will also come in handy when you need to limit the lighting for any reason. Of course, you will also need actual lights as well. It’s best to pick energy efficient lights to minimize your electricity bills.

meQasa Office Interior Design Tips

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Colour adds interest to any space and your office interior design is no different. No need to be drab or stick with just neutral colours because it is an office. Plan a colour combination that is complimentary and attractive and gives the space life. The kind of business you are in might impact your choices as will your brand colour palette. Don’t shy away from yellows, oranges and even red, if appropriate, as these colours are said to illicit happiness and creativity. You can also select very interesting and cool art pieces to add colour and a sense of class to your office interiors. Your colours can be implemented through wall paint but also furniture and carefully selected decor items like vases or the carpet.

meQasa Office Interior Design Tips

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Your office space is a trademark for your business and company and should reflect that in every way possible, especially in your office interior design. From the outside, to the car park, to the reception, open areas and inner offices, the interior design should immediately show people who you are and what you are about. Your logo and brand colours should be visible and worked into the space. Have a business mission or vision or some mantra that inspires you as a team? You could have a painter creatively put that up on the wall in an open space that can inspire employees and give visitors further insight into what powers your company.

meQasa Office Design Tips


What other great ideas do you know about, perhaps from your own office interior design, that others can adapt for their commercial spaces?