A real estate show in Ghana, Real Homes TV, has recently been premiered on Viasat 1. The 30-minute programme focuses on the real estate sector in Ghana with the mission to give people insight into properties and the real estate market by giving them vast options for all budgets and preferences.

The new television show will take viewers on a tour of real estate and various properties that are on sale. It will also give useful information on interior decoration and product demonstrations, with the purpose to help people find their ideal homes and familiarize themselves with home improvement techniques.

Speaking about the importance of a real estate show, General Manager of Real Studios Limited Muni Reindolf believes the sector in Ghana does not have enough exposure, therefore Real Home TV will provide viewers with an opportunity to know more about housing, and will help them make  their decision when it comes to selecting a house. “We want viewers to have an idea of what happens in the sector and help them decide which property will best suit their needs,” he said.


The show is divided into various segments including the Estate Tour, where viewers will be given an insight into different developments in the country, and the Hot Property segment that will display photos of properties listed on meqasa.com. There will also be the Home Tit Bits where viewers will acquire knowledge on interior design, gardening and general tips on how to rent and buy properties.

The show will be aired on Viasat 1, every Sunday at 5pm, and later on other television stations in the country.