Why You Should Never Waive a Home Inspection

Every home-seeker is in search of a haven, a house that can be a home. It, therefore, becomes a prerogative to make your choices based on what matters most to you.  Be it a house in a plush environment, a room with ample natural light or even a house with spacious bathrooms, inspection is the only way to be sure the house is what you really want. Waiving inspection or not asking the right questions is a mistake some people make. To avoid these, here are some reasons why you should never waive a home inspection when renting or buying a house.

  1. Damages: Cost of damages discovered after you have signed the property agreement will be borne by you. Sometimes, it could be a fault the landlord overlooked or he simply doesn’t want to fix damages, but it’s up to you to discover and report any damages before signing any property agreement to avoid paying for damages you didn’t incur.
  1. Real owner: Inspecting your potential home gives you the chance to know the real owner of the property and if you need to deal with them directly or not. Some house owners leave their property in the hands of a caretaker. Be sure to verify the real owners even if they are out of the country. This is to avoid dealing with fraudsters and impostors.
  1. Neighbors and Co-tenants: Proper inspection allows you to see your neighbourhood; who your neighbours or co-tenants are, what your environment looks like if there are prominent people living in your neighbourhood etc. Pictures are not enough to tell you what your neighbourhood looks like and the only way to ensure it fits your taste is to visit. This helps you to avoid unsafe environments while enlightening you on the value of the house you are renting.