Moving Tips- What to Pack First
First of all, if you haven’t read our previous post about moving, read that here before reading this. Moving to a new home or office can be overwhelming. The whole act of packing and unpacking is just so energy consuming.

We will all experience moving at least once in our lifetime and having an idea where to start can help reduce the stress. Though there is no one way to pack right, Jumia House brings you some ideas on where to start. 

  1. Unused items

    It is quite logical to start with items you use the least. They include items in storage, e.g that china you got as a gift during your wedding that you only use when you have guests. You can go further to categorize them as:

    1. Items to throw away: As you pack it will surprise you to find items that you forgot you have stored away in some part of your house. It’s best to discard those items as chances are you won’t use them.
    2. Items to sell or give away: Trust us, moving time is the period you will discover items you no longer need which are still in good conditions, in which case you can either sell them or give them away.
    3. Items to be moved: These are part of your belongings which are still desirable and you need to move them.
  2. Non-essential items

    The next sets of items to pack are those that you can do without for a few weeks. They include such things as decorations and artwork, books, video games, extras, jewellery etc.

  3. Essential items

    Clothes and kitchen utensils are items you should pack last. Usually, in the week you are to move. These items you pack last are the first you should unpack at your new place. Label them well and place them at the top

Note that moving companies will not move flammable, corrosive or explosive items. It is advisable not to waste time packing these as you can easily give them away or move them yourself. The tips here work great for any individual, however, if you’re moving out with a significant other, this post on moving tips for newlyweds has you covered.  

Nancy Ewurum is a young and ambitious lady with a passion for creative writing and social entrepreneurship through software development. Currently enrolled in the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Accra, she writes in her spare time. You can connect with her on twitter.