Moving Tips for Newlyweds

In honour of the coming wedding season in December, Jumia House came up with six pointers to help newlyweds and yet-to-be married couples who are moving in together:

  • Start Early:  It’s easy to get caught up in all the wedding bliss that you forget to plan for the move after the wedding. Better late than never, holds no truth here.  It’s best to undertake the move at least a month before the set date for moving in together.  This is so you get the stress of planning and organising everything out of the way.
  • Talk Money: You both need to work out a budget and decide who will pay for what. It’s important to have this discussion before the bills start coming in. This would help you adjust to the new spending habits you will both have.
  • Share Responsibilities: Who will wash the dishes and who will clean the bathroom? Before we get to that, both of you have to divide the responsibility of who will follow up which utilities and who would be responsible for getting the house internet connection. This is to avoid the trap of assumptions and prevent any arguments.
  • Discuss what stays and what goes: This we think is the biggest source of frustration and the most emotional. You should remember it’s all about compromise. When deciding what to keep, think about what suits the colour scheme or your home. You both could also choose one item of your partner that you like the most and the least. After, sell off the rest or pass on to a relative.
  • Wedding Gift List: This is why you need to plan your move early so that before the wedding, you are aware of what you need to buy for your new home. You could put some of these things into your gift list to save you both money. Genius, right? Have your guests buy you the things you need as opposed to receiving unwanted gifts.
  • Discuss Personal Space: Recognise that once in a while, one of you may need some alone time. You can create a small space in the house where you each could go to and unwind.

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