mortgage in ghana

Taking a loan to complete your building project seems like a great option. Borrow some money from the bank, complete your building project and move in or rent it out to make some money. The Oxford dictionary defines a mortgage as a legal agreement by which a bank, building society, etc. lends money at interest in exchange for taking title of the debtor’s property, with the condition that the conveyance of title becomes void upon the payment of the debt. Mortgages in Ghana are becoming more commonplace as the nation develops. They are available to both Ghanaians and expatriates. Let’s take a look at some of the companies that offer mortgages in Ghana and what their terms and conditions are.

A Ghanaian mortgage allows you to build and pay later in Ghana. This is possible for both Ghanaians and expatriates. Let’s take a look at some of the companies that offer mortgages in Ghana and what their terms and conditions are.

Mortgage in Ghana

It is possible to get a 100% mortgage in Ghana. There are various banks that provide this service to both locals and expatriates who need money to build either residential or commercial projects. A healthy mortgage system is essential for the development of the nation. 

The following banks have been leading the way as far as a mortgage in Ghana is concerned. If you want to know the steps and procedure in securing a mortgage in Ghana then you should read this.

Mortgage companies in Ghana

If you are in search of a mortgage in Ghana then you should be in touch with anyone of these banks.

  • GHL Bank
  • Cal Bank
  • Eco Bank Ghana
  • SG-SSB
  • Republic Bank Ghana
  • Stanbic Bank

GHL Bank

GHL Bank works like any other bank in Ghana but with a stronger inclination towards mortgages and home/housing loans. They originally started out as a sole mortgage finance institution, eventually developing into GHL Bank (in 2017) but still maintaining their original service of providing mortgage loans to people since 2006. Some of the mortgage products that they provide include:

  • Purchase Mortgage (first-time buyers)
  • Purchase Mortgage (Buy to let)
  • Construction Mortgage
  • Home Owners Mortgage
  • 100% Purchase Mortgage
  • Land Purchase Mortgage
  • Home Improvement Mortgage
  • Quick Cash Mortgage
  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Home Completion
  • Save to Own

You can get more details about the GHL Bank mortgage plans and apply for one here.

Cal Bank Mortgage

Cal Bank is a decorated bank which also offers mortgage services for qualified persons. They have a custom plan for each client so they will help draw up a suitable mortgage plan for you. They only give mortgages to people within the ages of 21 to 55.

Visit their website for more information about their mortgages like eligibility requirements and offer details.

Ecobank Ghana

Ecobank Ghana Mortgage loans are designed to assist customers in buying and renovating a new home. The Ecobank Ghana Mortgage loan is available only for completed buildings and they provide up to 10 years for loan repayment.

If you do fit their terms and conditions then you can go ahead and apply for a mortgage from Ecobank Ghana.


SG-SSB is one of the oldest banks in the country so it is no wonder they are in the mortgage space. They call their mortgage a home improvement loan which provides credit for home refurbishment only. They have an attractive interest rate and it is targeted at salaried workers that can access as much as Ghs 400,000.

Get more information about the SG-SSB mortgage packages and make an informed decision.

Republic Bank Ghana

Formerly known as the HFC Bank Ghana, the Republic Bank has been a key player in the property ownership and mortgage space. You might remember the HFC houses for sale in Ghana some years back.

The Republic Bank mortgage plans vary from home improvement, home purchase and home completion. For their repayment terms, they offer up to 20 years and also take a reasonable interest for Ghanaians and foreigners.

You can read more about their terms and conditions and can also contact them if their offer is attractive and matches your requirements.

Stanbic Bank

Stanbic Bank is a vibrant, experienced bank who are also offering mortgage services to the public. They have 6 mortgage service offers to make it easier to choose. The Stanbic Bank Mortgage offers include:

  • Home purchase
  • Developer Construction
  • Refinancing
  • Equity Release
  • Home Improvement
  • Employer Group Mortgage Scheme

If you want to find out more about the mortgage offers from Stanbic Bank then you should visit their website for more information.

These are just a few mortgage companies in Ghana that you can take advantage of to secure your mortgage. Mortgage in Ghana is growing, thereby, reducing the financial stress of acquiring real estate in the country.