Last week, Jumia House Ghana asked you to take a test which will enable you match your personality to an interior design style. By now, you should know what style suits you best. The design in your home could be traditional, classy, sophisticated, modern or contemporary. There are awesome ways of combining all these styles to provide you with the perfect and stylish interior finish.


Your style is traditional when you like to go to Greece, England or you like to visit the castles and forts whenever you are on vacation. You simply love historical sites therefore, your style is traditional.

Tips for Traditional Decor

Traditional interiors call for more classy furnishings, antiques or newer pieces inspired by antiques. They are characterized by rich colours and furniture are arranged symmetrically.


Take your clothes for instance, are you keeping them because they beautifully cut or because they are made by a designer that everyone describes as classy? You love the Georgio Armani suit or Italian-made leather shoes because you fancy it’s style and design. Well, then your style is classy.

Tips for Classy Decor

Classy homes make good use of light. Rooms are spacious and they do not need too much decoration but with the few, they are made by the most expensive designer in town.


You are naturally curious about what is trending. You like your clothes very stylish and the magic word for you is, fashionable. Your car is sleep and most people describe you as the individual with the good taste for everything.

Tips for Sophisticated Decor

Sophisticated interiors use neutral or pale colours like white or grey. Furnishings are somehow neutral but mostly, they contrast with the colours of the wall. The colours should be mixed up properly to give the room its sophisticated look. Take for instance, dark wood furniture that contrasts very well with white cushion gives your room the simple and sophisticated look.

Modern or Contemporary

Are you in love with what is in vogue? After you took the personality test, did you get the sense that you are in love with modern trends and designs?

Tips for Modern or Contemporary designs

Contemporary interiors  make good use of bright colours – red, yellow or green, which gives the room a sense of larger space. Modern or contemporary interiors are more equipped with high-tech gadgets like large screened television sets and what are referred to as home theaters. Such interiors have minimal accessories and the furniture are leathery in nature.