Selecting living room colours should be done cautiously, depending on your personal tastes. However, it is also a well-known fact that paint colours affect people’s mood. There is a wide range of colours you can choose from, traditional or modern. How can you make sure the colours you have selected are appropriate and what are the consequences on your energy level, intellect and emotions?

Exciting Red

The colour red brings excitement and creates a very dynamic first impression. You can make good use of red for the entire living room, the hallway or the dining room to create a modern and trendy atmosphere. Red gives energy to the occupants of the room. However, be careful not to overuse this colour, since too much energy may make you angry or aggressive – if necessary, tone it down with other neutral colours.

Sophisticated Purple

Purple represents sophistication and class. It brings elegance into the living room. Select lighter hues of purple to provide a feeling of peace and quiet.

Calming Green

Green is one of the most popular colours for living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms. Green will calm you down and make you feel closer to nature. Green comes in a wide variety of shades – emerald, teal, pale green, lime green – all of them are very relaxing and bring a pleasant and fresh touch to your living room.

Relaxing Blue

Blue also has a calming effect. Colour experts say blue reduces the blood pressure, producing a soothing effect. It is no wonder most people select blue paints for the bedrooms and bathrooms – but you can also use it for your living room to make your guests feel relaxed and peaceful.

Electrifying Orange

Orange, like red, adds excitement and gives energy to a living room. Gaudy orange could be too much for the living room and cause restlessness especially among children. It would thus be more appropriate to make orange an accent or mix it with matching colours.

Cheery Yellow

Most people think of the sun when yellow is mentioned. It is cheerful, bright and makes everyone happy, so painting a wall in yellow is especially advisable if your living room does not have much natural light. When used in excess, colour experts say yellow can cause frustration and anger – use it with moderation.

Neutral White or Grey

White and grey can be used for any space to create a neutral atmosphere, and all the more so, if you have colourful furniture. These colours add depth and elegance to a living room..


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