Achimota is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of affluence in Accra. It is a town in the Accra Metropolitan District (AMA). Achimota is a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Though it is considered a suburb of Accra, today, it was located about 10 miles outside of the nation’s capital during colonial times, when its development was still nascent.

Today, it is a central part of the capital, located on the Accra-Kumasi road just after Tesano. It is so large, a New Achimota split was made possible to make it easier to distinguish which section a person referred to when speaking of Achimota.

Meaning of Achimota

According to the meaning of names from Ghananamesplaces, Achimota, in the language Ga, means ‘speak no name’. The Achimota Forest was a place of silences, but it was also a place of salvation. The name is said to have arisen from the fact that escaped slaves hid in this waste place, and passers-by who saw them were considered ill-conditioned if they gave them away.

Famous for the Achimota School, from which the locals say derived its name, the neighbourhood is inhabited by an assortment of people. You’ll find religious institutions like big churches, the famed sprawling Achimota Golf Course and an active locals nightlife. You name it, Achimota’s sure to have it. It is served by the Achimota Hospital, catering to health and well-being needs and a number of police stations in various parts of Achimota to ensure security.

meQasa -- New Achimota bus terminal

New Achimota Bus Terminal

Transport within Achimota, is not much of a problem, as you are likely to find a taxi or a trotro around every corner.

The problem, as in most of the other more developed parts of Accra, comes during the rush hour in the morning and early evening.

With road users trying to access St. John’s, Dome, the N1 highway and other places through Achimota, the roads very quickly get condensed with slow-moving traffic. Ordinarily, you can easily get a trotro from Achimota to all major areas of Accra.

If you want to do intercity travel, Achimota has you covered. With its new bus terminal which has 800 vehicle parking spaces, 80 toilets, 10 canteen rooms, a clinic and a police station, plus a separate area for charcoal trucks, you can be certain to find all conventional forms /means of public road transportation here.


Achimota has long been known for its scholarly products. It is even said to have gotten its name from its famous school of the same name: the Achimota College, which was founded in Achimota, as an elite secondary school based on the British model. The esteem of this school is quite high as it evolved into three separate schools: the Achimota School, for providing secondary school education; a teacher’s training college; and Ghana’s first university, the University of Ghana.

This area is also known for The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) as well as some other good secondary schools like the St. John’s Grammar College and basic schools like Talents Restoration Academy.

meQasa -- Achimota school

Achimota School

The people and business:

Achimota is a bustling centre of activity, especially around the Achimota overhead, where lots of business activity goes on starting early in the morning and going sometimes late into the night. A lot of the beer in Ghana is brewed and bottled in this neighbourhood at Guinness Ghana and ABC Breweries!

meQasa -- Achimota Retail Centre

Achimota Retail Centre

The residences, like the residents, are also of diverse types: you can find colonial style homes still standing in the older parts of Achimota, and more modern residences in the more recently developed parts of the locality.

As is characteristic of most Ghanaians, the people are friendly and open, and quite enterprising, with shops and other business ventures every few metres especially near the main roads.

The new Achimota Retail Centre provides a one-stop shop haven where you could shop for virtually everything from groceries to electronics.

Not surprisingly, a lot of growing banks and other businesses like GTBank, Access Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Vodafone, and lots of others choose to situate branches in this neighbourhood to gain access to the large market it presents. For the lovers of the nightlife, there are lots of places to explore, like the Treet Bar & Grill, Marvels (off the highway near Abelemkpe Traffic Light). There are also nice accommodations and eateries like the Kingsby Hotel, De Temple, Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant and Korkdam Hotel.


Rent Price Range:

Renting or buying property in the area is not very uniform due to the different types of housing. Some of them go for cheap while an almost equal number are on the expensive side. You can find a simple 1 bedroom apartment for about  GH¢200/month, making it one of the more affordable places to live in the metropolis of Accra.

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