Public transport from Osu

Public transportation on the Oxford Street in Osu.

Location, location, location! Osu is known to be an amazing, centrally-situated residential area; a neighbourhood synonymous to fun and adventure. In terms of living, it is somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde — on the one hand very quiet and friendly further from the central Oxford Street, strolling residents are quite amicable and open to chit-chat. Homes here are mostly detached houses and low-rise apartments with a high-rise skyline on the rise thanks to some developers. It’s a favourite place to live for several expats, especially the young and exuberant, as getting around to discover Accra is rather easy. You’ll find a lot of people on foot though taxis run amuck. Cheaper transportation in the form of trotros is also everywhere with Koala Shopping Centre and SSNIT Hospitals being mass pick-up and drop-off spots.

Osu, unfortunately, has a problem with running water (residents put the frequency of state-provided water at once a month). So, if you plan to rent or buy a house in Osu, you should make plans or allowances for buying water from private sources and storing it for long-term use. Traffic can get rather thick as well after during rush hours, with getting through the main Oxford Street vein being quite the chore moving around by car.

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Safety-wise, some parts of Osu, towards Ako Adjei (on the fringes of Osu’s Nyaniba Estates) for instance, are said to be less than safe at night as they are less active. Other parts, like Nyaniba Estates are relatively safer, since they have some amount of police presence at random times and residents have a non-official neighbourhood watch. As with anywhere, it’s best to walk around in groups especially if around parts where the street.

Popular Fast Food spot in Osu

The Popular Papaye Fast Food Restaurant

Business & Youth Bustle:

Young residents of this neighbourhood (secondary school going age and below), when they get tired of staying indoors enjoy taking leisurely walks within the neighbourhood during their free time. The more active and sports-loving ones prefer going to the local football field at Ako Adjei to play football or watch others play. The more social ones like to visit some of the food joints on Oxford street, where they can make new friends or catch up with old ones over a meal or drinks. Most of the young residents cite Papaye, a popular and long-standing fast food restaurant on Osu’s Oxford Street, as a forever favourite while the contemporary enjoy spots that offer local talent acts, as Republic Bar offers.


The Oxford Street in Osu

The Hustle and Bustle in the Oxford Street of Osu.

Business in Osu

Small Scale Business in Osu

Osu’s Oxford Street houses one of Ghana’s most vibrant business and “going out” districts. Overflowing with electronics and household décor stores, supermarkets, hotels, salons and spas, clothing in boutiques and street side and countless food and dessert spots, it’s a shopping haven that can provide a day’s worth of activity. There is the Oxford Street Mall that has a 3D film theatre and a Shoprite. There are also a few casinos if you’re feeling lucky.

Hungry? There are countless impressive eatery options, from the historical Papaye (fast food), Frankie’s (icecream, pastries, continental food) Livingstone Safari RestaurantHaveli (Indian cuisine), Noble House Restaurant (Indian and Chinese cuisine), La Piazza (pizza), Monsoon (sushi) to local fare including Asanka Locals, Buka  and Mama Clarisse (Ivorian) – to name a few. Smoothies NourishLab will do the trick if you want something lighter like a tasty smoothie, salad or panini.  If it’s nearing Happy Hour you can easily bar hop from places like Republic Bar & Grill and Venus to the Roots rooftop bar and then experience nightlife at famed clubs Firefly, Bellaroma, Duplex, Kristal Club and Shisha Lounge.  Much more detailed information can be found here. There are also a few banks closeby to refill your wallet if you run out of cash.

Small scale businesses within the residential part of Osu, lean heavily toward the food and entertainment industries. A small fashion business owner complained that people seem so much more interested in eating and partying than patronising other businesses such as hers. Though the real reason may be due to the fact that most people only emerge from the walls of their homes at night for some fun; when they are hungry; or on their way to some other parts of the city and country; and so, are very unlikely to notice business establishments whose services they are not, at those moments, considering.

Most of the telecommunications providers have offices located in Osu meaning you can easily buy a phone/internet credit, a router or speak to someone at their service centres. Reception also tends to be stronger here, though some vendors in Nyaniba Estates complain that their customers, sometimes, have difficulty getting their recharge vouchers accepted when they try recharging within the estates.

Rental prices in this neighbourhood are on the high side, likely because of proximity to the business district that is the Oxford Street. A single room with a porch for instance, could go for upwards of GH¢600 per month.

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