As part of the public sector reforms program and the Ghana Land Administration Projects, the Lands Commission was remodelled to now comprise of four divisions.  The remodelling is intended to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Four Divisions of the Lands Commission

  1. Survey and Mapping
  2. Land Registration
  3. Land Valuation
  4. Public and Vested Land Management

Functions of the Survey and Mapping Division

  1. Supervise, regulate and control the survey and demarcation of land for the purposes of land use and registration;
  2. Take custody of and preserve records that relate to the survey of any parcel of land;
  3. Direct and supervise the conduct of trigonometric, hydrographic, topographic and engineering surveys;
  4. Coordinate the preparation of plans from data derived from survey and amendment of the plans;
  5. Coordinate the production of photogrammetric surveys including aerial photography, orthophoto mapping, and remote sensing;
  6. Survey, map and maintain the national territorial boundaries including maritime boundaries;
  7. Supervise and regulate operations that relate to survey of any parcel of land;
  8. Develop and maintain the national geodetic;
  9. Supervise, regulate, control and certify the production of maps; and
  10. Other functions determined by the commission.

Functions of the Land Registration Division

  1. Publication of notices of registration upon receipt of an application for registration;
  2. Registration of title to land and other interests;
  3. Registration of deeds and other instruments affecting land in areas outside compulsory title registration districts;
  4. Maintaining land registers that contain records and other land interests; and
  5. Other functions determined by the commission.

Functions of the Land Valuation Division

  1. Assessing the compensation payable upon acquisition of land by Government;
  2. Assessment of stamp duty;
  3. Determining the values of properties rented, purchased, sold or leased by or to Government;
  4. Preparation and maintenance of valuation list for rating purposes;
  5. Valuation of interests in land or land related interests for the general public at a fee;
  6. Valuation of interests in land for the administration of estate duty; and
  7. Other functions determined by the Commission.

Functions of the Public and Vested Lands Management Division

  1. Facilitating the acquisition of land for Government;
  2. Managing state acquired and vested lands in conformity with approved land use plans; and
  3. Other functions determined by the Commission.