It’s a given that when you buy or rent a new home, you should change the locks to keep the place safe. Aside from that, we have come up with six security measure we recommend you put in place to protect yourself and your home.

  1. Valuables: If possible do not keep valuables at home. If you must do not hide them in default places like under your bed or mattress. These are places that anyone who wants to rob you will check first. Preferable invest in a home safe and find an inconspicuous place to hide the safe.
  2. Windows: It’s a trend now among thieves to steal what is closest to the window. So, be sure not to keep your wallet, car keys or mobile phone next to the window. Keep everything hidden to deter the thief who spies into your home via a window.
  3. Strangers: Don’t allow people you do not know into your home. They may be thieves either coming to scout and identify the security flaws in your home. Especially keep an eye out for people who claim to work for government agencies.
  4. Lights: To deter strangers from entering your home, keep the light on to create the illusion of someone being home.Keep in mind that this security measure may impact your electricity consumption.
  5. Social Media: It’s tempting to want to show off on social media or even in public but be careful. You never know who is watching you and plotting behind the scenes. You definitely do not want a Kim Kardashian situation. Be as discreet as possible.
  6. Security: Overgrown shrubs serve as a hiding spot for thieves, ensure to trim them always. Invest in getting an electric fence but if it’s above your budget you can use broken glass for your walls. Light your home well for the night and most importantly lock your doors!