Fresh and clean – ideally, this is how we all want our bedroom smelling. It’s unfortunate though that over time some if not most bedrooms lose this fresh smell. Below are some tips you could try to keep your room fresh:

  1. Bedroom Windows

    fresh, well ventilated bedroom with open windowOpen your windows to ensure your room well ventilated. If you are the type that who likes to close their window when in the bedroom, you can open the window when you are away. This will enable air to circulate in your room and give it a fresh smell.


  3. Wash Your Bedsheets

    Fresh machine washaple duvets

    Wash your bedsheets to keep room fresh

    The skin on our body is constantly responding to changes to the environment to keep our body temperature balanced. These responses cause or skin to excrete fluids which over time cause our sheets to smell. This, in turn, gives our room a not so fresh smell. Change and wash your sheets at least every two weeks.


  5. Air freshener 

    natural air freshnerYou can make use of air fresheners to give your room a nice fresh smell. This is handy when you quickly need to rid your room of foul smells. You can either buy one of the more popular, already made brands or you can go the national route by combining different flowers to produce a fresh, natural scent. A great plant to look into is lavender.


  7. Bedroom Carpet

    Red Carpet by Christian ChenIt is easy for most of us to go months without cleaning our carpets. The thing about our carpets in that, they tend to hold onto moisture and grunge from the bottom of our shoes. This affects the smell in a room. Be sure to expose your carpet to the sun and give it a good clean at least once a month.