The novel corona virus which broke out in January 2020 has sparked a lot of unrest all over the world. Countries are closing borders and governments are doing all they can to contain the spread. Industries have been put on hold while some are recording great losses.

The real estate industry hasn’t shut down but it has slowed down due to the fact that people are practising social distancing and are working from home. Data from the 2008 financial crash shows that this is one of the best times to invest in real estate. Thankfully, properties are not infected by the virus so you can still buy houses and other properties during the pandemic. Here is how to organise a house viewing without getting infected.

Use Images

One of the most common ways to view a property is through images. Property websites like Meqasa have thousands of properties with thousands of images. This helps seekers to have a vivid idea of what they will be investing in. Agents and property owners should always take quality images of properties that are available on the market and upload them to sites like Meqasa for best results. estates in Ghana

Quality images can help both the agent and the home seeker reach a mutual agreement. Agents are advised to use quality HD cameras for maximum quality. Take images of important areas that seekers would be interested in like the exterior, the living room, the bedrooms, the compound, bathrooms, kitchen etc. You can be creative in the order in which you present the photos. Maybe, make it so it feels like a person is walking through the house from room to room.

Use Video

Videos are, technically, moving pictures. You can take videos through your mobile phone as an agent if your phone has a good camera. Videos allow the seekers to see every single detail of the property. Whether it is a land or a building that you are selling, having a quality video of the property answers most questions that any home buyer may have. Videos are self-explanatory so it is always a good strategy to use video.

The video can be a short video with your voice as a commentary to guide the seeker through the whole viewing process. Make sure you edit the video to serve the needs of prospective home buyers. You could upload the video to a free video hosting service like YouTube or Vimeo and embed the link in your listing.

Go Live

Because your client cannot make it to an organised meeting does not mean that you cannot show them the property anyway. Have a live call with the client via WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or any video conferencing app. Take them on a live tour of the property while talking to them. This is a very effective way to offer exclusive tours to your clients even during this coronavirus pandemic where social distancing among other measures is highly recommended.

360-degree Virtual Tour

Some developers in Ghana offer a 360-degree virtual tour which allows the user to interact with the property and move through the entire house as though they were actually there in person. This is, by far, the best means of organising a viewing but is also a lot more costly. Developers who seriously want to reach out to their clients during this pandemic should consider having a virtual tour of their properties. The investment is likely to be worth it.

No one is sure how long this pandemic will last. It may be days, weeks or months, but one thing is certain: it will not be forever. Stay calm and safe and follow all the recommended guidelines provided by the World Health Organisation. But in the meantime, keep doing your business especially if it is remotely.