hosting during festive seasons every year

December is here! We bet you have already made plans to host a few dinner parties, barbecues, and cocktails in your home – it’s the festive season after all. We put together a few things we at Jumia House think you should try to spice things up this year.

  1. PlatewareIt’s the festive season which means food is high on all your guest’s mind. You can be sure the dining area is the first place they’ll head when they enter your home. Impress your guests from the get-go. Your presentation should begin from the plates put on the table. It’s time to bust out those fancy plates you got as a gift or spend a little on some fancy plates. Feed their minds with the thought of delicious food through the plateware before you fill their bellies.
  2. GlasswareTake a risk, don’t play it safe with boring glassware. Try glasses with unique shapes and colours. It is sure to give your table setting an extra jazz.
  3. CentrepieceThe statement piece. The default here in Ghana is to go for flowers. Why not try candles and fairy lights this year? People would be able to see each other from across the table better and it will be less overwhelming. You can check out Palace Supermarket for some decor items.
  4. Dessert StandHave a dessert stand for serving your desserts. You could also have a dessert stand as your centrepiece. It will look natural and give your party a more grounded feel.
  5. NapkinsLiven up your table with colourful napkins that match the festive season. The right napkin not only sets the mood, but it also speaks to your sophisticated sensibilities and shows the care and thought you put into making your guests feel right at home. You don’t want to be remembered every festive season as the host with the horrible napkins, do you?
  6. GamesWho doesn’t love games? Liven things up by having a few games around. Not everyone may know each other and it’s a good way to get everyone comfortable with each other and also keep your guests entertained. You can try Ghanaian favourites, ludo and oware, monopoly, cards, dominoes – the list is endless. You can even play cup games, these are inexpensive and loads of fun.

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