Home Rent Mistakes to Avoid

Searching for a home to rent in Ghana can be quite exhausting due to a number of factors. This is why meQasa is here to enable you the home-seeker find a home without much stress. It is very easy to make mistakes you’d have to live with for the entire duration of your home rent. This especially applies if you are desperately looking for a house. When looking for a home, you do not rush the process else you would make some easily avoidable mistakes.

  1. Tenancy Agreement

    Go through every detail of your tenancy agreement as every word counts. The tenancy agreement is legally binding once you sign it, so make sure that you protect your interests in the document before you sign it.

  2. Viewing the House

    Thoroughly inspect the house you want to rent before signing any agreement or putting down cash. This way you get to discover things that online pictures can’t show you such as the neighbourhood or actual size of your storage for example.

  3. Property Ownership

    Before committing any form of finance to the house you want to rent, check that you are dealing with the genuine owner or caretaker of the property.

  4. Damages

    When renting a place, take pictures of the state of the house to account for any damages before you move in. This is necessary to you avoid paying for damages you didn’t incur.

  5. Verbal Agreements

    Verbal agreements cannot be proved, therefore they are very unreliable. If you reach an agreement with your landlord, ensure that it reflects in your tenancy agreement.

While renting may seem scary, don’t panic as we have you covered on the choice rentals in Ghana. Just remember to check your house in person, read your tenancy agreement thoroughly and ask questions on areas you don’t understand before committing your money to it.