You’re all moved in to your new house or apartment and almost everything is put away, but decor still seems to be missing! The space is lacking a certain physical object …and it’s home decor. The best part of moving is being able to make the property reflect you – your family and friends, your likes, your personality and making it into a place you can’t wait to come back to at the end of each day.  You may view the process as an exciting project or maybe it’s something you just want to get over with. No matter where you stand on it, home ornamentation is actually a lot of fun and does not need to be expensive or exhausting.

If your wallet is already quite light after signing your lease or closing papers, no worries! These are a few fantastic ways to jazz up your home without breaking the bank.



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African Print Interior decor. Image source:

If you are a sucker for Afrocentrism and love to show your pride for Ghana or travels within the region, adding different elements from a simple strip of Kente cloth thrown over the couch or as a dining table runner is perfect! You can reupholster chair cushions and buy a few wax print toss pillows. Other African décor that can easily be found sold on the streets or at art centres include beads (you thought they were only for the waist!), calabashes, sculptures, Cost: GH¢30 – 150




MIRRORS: Perhaps now with all your furniture in place,

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wall mirrors make a room feel bigger

your space feels a lot smaller than you remember at viewing. No need to regret.

Find a horizontal mirror about 2-3m across and tack it up on your living or dining room wall and watch the immediate doubling of square footage. Mirrors add a sense of grandeur and modernity. They create drama and add light. Cost: GH¢70 – 200


COLOUR: White and cream walls are safe but rather drab. Consider an accent wall with a pop of colour – maybe a deep turquoise or vibrant orange paint to brighten the space. Wallpaper is also great and adds texture and interest to the home. Cost: GH¢60 (can of paint)


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Scented candles

CANDLES: This is a two-for-one tip! If you have large empty surfaces like your entryway table or a bookshelf or even your coffee table or bathroom étagère, create a cluster of candles. Remember to get creative and use about 4-5 candles of different sizes and height. You can put them directly on the table or find a gorgeous round or rectangular tray. Bonus: get scented candles! Who doesn’t want to be welcomed home to the scent of clean linen or warm vanilla? Win-win. Cost: GH¢100


BOOKS: You have an e-reader now so you stacked all your paper and hardbacks in the garage? Dear, it is time to bring them back out, dust them off and put them to good use. A few stacks of books in corners let’s people know a bit more about your love for books and taste and are a great conversation starter. Cost: FREE!


PHOTO WALL: You surely have a trunk full of old photos and also a digital

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Home office with wall lined with photos

arsenal of pictures from your smartphone. Give your pictures and your new place life. Print at least 10 of them at different sizes and select a style of frames that you like. Pick a wall either in your bedroom, home office or in the hallway and put them up so you always feel the love and memories around you. Budget: GH¢200


There’s no place like home so use these tips to create a haven you love and that will have your visitors praising your resourcefulness and creativity.