Holiday Getaways Just Beyond Accra

Everyone gets to a point where it’s undeniable anymore – you need a break!. You need to jubilate. Celebrations can come from anniversaries, company reaching their potential mark or justs having to break loose from working and having a nice time with family and loved ones.

You work countless hours all week, run around doing things for the kids, are involved in church or other community activities and you love it all, but you are burning out. Even if you do not have the funds to jump on a flight to another part of the world, there are a number of fantastic holidays and celebration getaways” in Ghana you can take alone or with friends and family to relax and rejuvenate.

The holidays are a perfect time to get away and have some fun, as are any long weekends. Some places in Ghana, particularly Accra offer enough to have a blast even for a day’s escape. So pick a weekend, pick from our suggested trips and get out of the house for a day or two.

  1. Bojo Beach Resort

    Bojo Beach Resort Holdiay Destination in Ghana

    Bojo Beach Resort. Photo via

    If your idea of a great time constitutes white sands, cool splashes and fresh coconuts, you should take a drive not too far out of the capital city to Bojo beach. Bojo Beach Location: The directions to Bojo is just before Kokrobite. Just off the N1 highway and a short drive from Weija, this clean waterfront offers a serene relaxation destination with a short, yet thrilling motored canoe ride across from the mainland to the sand bar beach.




    Pay 10 cedis and you are in this calming shore that can feel like a private beach. Play volleyball, take a nap, read a book or take a dip in the ocean. Bojo Beach Restaurant & Menu: There is no proper restaurant, but rather a no-frills beach bar with a simple yet decent food menu as well as beers and khebabs. If you want to stay, you have a number of lodging options from the Bojo Beach Resort to simpler yet fun lodges like Big Milly’s that has great chalets, two thatch-top bars, table tennis and a restaurant with tasty seafood.

    Bojo Beach Pictures:

  2. Maahaa Beach Resort

    Maaha Beach Resort

    Maaha Beach Resort

    What happens when old Nzema architecture meets contemporary design surrounded by the Atlantic ocean? Think memorable walks on the beach, historic nostalgia, amazing food and drinks in observation decks with million dollar views of the ocean, cool dips in the pool, a game of lawn tennis or a gym to stay healthy, a cosy cinema and whatever tickles your fantasy. All of this and more is what you get with the Maaha Beach Resort. This luxury beach resort is located within the Ellembele District in Ghana’s oil-rich Western Region.

  3. White Sands Beach Resort

    White Sands Beach Resort & Spa holiday destination in Ghana

    White Sands Beach Resort & Spa

    Nestled between the Central Region village of Gomoa Fetteh and a community of exuberant fisherman, this exclusive beachfront sanctuary is defined by sought-after seclusion and luxury and is just a bit over an hour’s drive from Accra. In exchange for big spender private resort club membership or GHS 80 beach access for the day, beach lovers can kick back in the lap of extravagance — swim in the cool waves of the infinity pool overlooking the beach, relax on the oceanfront chaises, play some tennis and pamper their taste buds with exquisite cuisine. The food from any of the resort’s 5 eateries receives rave reviews from well-travelled visitors with mature palettes. Perfect for couples, families and even the lone traveller looking for an oasis of ease, it’s a vacation that promises a glimpse of African paradise.

  4. Elmina Castle & Cape Coast Castle

    Feeling like connecting with your past? Cape Coast, just about 2

    Holiday Getaways in Accra and Beyond

    Cape Coast Castle battlements

    hours away is steeped in slave trade history, having been the seat of European colonial masters. Elmina Castle is the oldest European building in sub-Saharan Africa, built in 1482 and a must-visit for those on a historical quest. Built by the Portuguese, it was the very first trading port along the Gulf of Guinea and over the centuries changed ownership, being seized by the Dutch and then the British. Along the same coast and a short drive away, you can also visit the equally history-rich Cape Coast Castle. An hour-long paid tour will take you through the old buildings, slave dungeons, masters’ quarters and the famed Door of No Return. All the slave trade education can be quite heavy. Lift your spirits at the lovely palm tree lined beach sides of Coconut Grove Resort or Elmina Beach Resort — both offer a breezy and peaceful experience complete with tasty chow and breathtaking water views.

  5. BEIGE Village Resort and Spa

    BEIGE Village Resort and Spa

    BEIGE Village Resort and Spa

    Getaways beyond being relaxing spots to unwind at ought to be a whole lot of fun. The beautiful BEIGE Village Golf Resort and Spa thrives on that. Test your wits in an incredible game of golf or play man-sized chess.  This getaway is a glowing gem nestled within the Abenoa forest at New Abirem in the Eastern Region. Ready to be one with nature? Bathe in the essence of nature, breathe in clear, fresh air and enjoy expansive green as far as your eyes can see.  From playing man-sized chess to swinging clubs on pristine golf courses, relaxing dips in crystal clear pools to a re-invigorating spa experience that will leave your body feeling fresher than a newborn baby, this is one getaway that will always keep you coming back.

  6. Akosombo

    Akosombo Dam in the Eastern Region of Ghana

    Akosombo Dam. Photo via

    Dumsor (the nickname for Ghana’s power fluctuation ordeal) may have you wanting to understand where our power comes from. A trip to Akosombo in the Eastern Region from Accra will only take you about two hours and will offer you a day’s worth of fun. Take a tour of the hydro-electric Akosombo Dam which pulls from the world’s second largest man-made lake (the Volta) and provides electricity across the nation!

    You can also tour the hydroelectric plant and receive in-depth insight into its history. If you are up for some adventure, you can do some hiking up in the Akwamu Gorge and also do a canoe or boat ride atop the breathtaking Volta River, which will give you a view of the magnificent and just re-opened Adomi Bridge, Ghana’s sole suspending bridge. Many of these tours and adventure packages are best organised by hotels in the area like the Afrikiko Riverfront Resort, Adi Lake Resort (which has a lovely floating restaurant) and Aylos Bay Lodge, which offers camping. Looking for luxury? Head to the renowned Royal Senchi resort for an ultra-pampering first class experience.

  7. Ada

    Aqua Safari Resort Holiday Destination in Ghana

    Aqua Safari Resort in Ada

    For many, a day in Ada is synonymous to resort living. If that’s what you seek, then right on! No more than two hours from Accra, relaxation havens like the beautiful Aqua Safari will have your hair blowing in the wind, seaside. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool or ocean, thrilling jet ski across the Volta river or race quad bikes along the coast. Hungry? The outdoor restaurant will have your mouth watering with fresh sea fare and other chow cooked to perfection. As the sun sets, you can two-step to live band music as the evening bonfire adds to the homey feel. If you want to stay, you can spend the night in the gorgeous cabin or apartment–style stays, or stay elsewhere for less like the Peace Holiday Hotel a short drive away.

  8. Kakum National Park

    Canopy walk in Kakum National Park. Good holiday destination in Ghana

    Canopy walk in Kakum National Park. Photo via

    Central Region’s Cape Coast is the heart of history for Ghana but is also very well-known for this main-stay landmark of nature. Established as a reserve, the park boasts a sprawling rainforest resting on about 375 square kilometres, and Africa’s only other canopy walk, networking 7 tree-tops 30 metres above ground. The forest is dense with animal life including over two hundred bird species, lovely butterflies and elephants. The plant life is also very impressive with 105 species of vascular plants. You may not get to see much of the animals but get your adrenaline pumping as you traverse the canopy walk and be sure to get a selfie for the books.

Everyone loves a vacation, and no matter where you choose to go on this list, you are sure to have a memorable and peaceful time away. Did we miss any hidden gems? Kindly tell us in the comments below.


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