If you are having trouble sleeping there is a good chance the solution is within reach, as the problem might be right in your bedroom. The bedroom environment is certainly part of the sleep equation. A simple bedroom makeover today may have you sleep better and subsequently have a positive impact on your entire mood and day. Here are a few tips to make your bedroom a sound sleep haven.


  1. Block out the light

Bright lights can alter natural sleep patterns and lead to a less rejuvenating sleep. Scientists explain that light inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that naturally promotes sleep. To create the ideal shady environment that facilitates sleep, install light blocking curtains or drapes made with heavy and opaque material. Also, trade your fluorescent bulb for a dim bedside lamp and remember to turn off, all devices that emit light when it’s time for bed.


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  1. Get the right mattress

If you wake up every morning with aches and pains all over your body, it might be an indication that your mattress is just not right.  A good mattress is one that feels comfortable and leaves you refreshed every time you wake up. Find the perfect type of mattress for your body weight and sleeping position. Mattress experts explain that a good mattress is one that supports the body’s natural posture. If you genuinely have back issues, you can look into getting an orthopedic mattress.



  1. Choose the right bedding

Beddings are equally important in enhancing your sleep. Apart from being functional,bedroom,lighting,paint,bedroom decor they also add to bedroom aesthetics.  Buy soft and comfy sheets with soothing colours, and some good pillows; a roll for behind your neck and a wedge for some back support.  Texture and colour are not key to getting comfortable bedding but picking your favourite adds personality to your space. Don’t forget to make your bed as well, for as you make your bed, so shall you lie in it!


  1. Banish noise and clutter

If your living quarters is situated in a bustling environment, the noise and commotion going on outside can be very distracting.  Heavy drapes or curtains should help block out some of the noise and ear plugs might help if the noise is still too loud. A cluttered bedroom space makes it stuffy and takes away from the airy and serene environment, ideal to induce sleep. Keeping to a simple bedroom design might also be a good idea so that you are not distracted and can easily drift off to Dreamland.


  1. Create a restful ambience with colour

Paint your bedroom with neutral hues that are soft and mellow. Dark and heavy hues may trap in heat. Soft blue colours for instance, are very popular bedroom tones because they create a cool, calm and clean ambience that sets the foundation for peaceful sleeping.


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  1. Surround yourself with great scents

Transfer the relaxing and rejuvenating experience of the spa to the bedroom. Pamper yourself by surrounding yourself with the scents you love. Lavender is known to induce sleep, so you can invest in lavender scented candles (do not sleep with them on!), fragrances and flowers to create that beautiful scent that sends you on your way to dreamland.


Whether you live in your own home or an apartment for rent, these tips are easy to accomplish and will get you a step nearer to making your bedroom a sleep sanctuary. Keep your mind and body revitalised through sleep.