The bathroom is the most private place but an all-important part of your perfect home. An innovative design solution can have a positive influence on how you live everyday. Here are a few tips to help you design your bathroom to make them look spacious.

Towel Bars

Every bathroom should have a towel bar near the washstand. This is used to hang wet towels and it helps you save space. You can also acquire towel racks above the tub to give you enough space to move around.

Master Bath

A master bath in your bathroom instead of a large tub is affordable and it gives your room a much spacious look. If your bathroom is large, then a large tub is the most preferable.

Beautiful Tiles

Choosing very beautiful tiles for your bathroom is your sure step of making your bathroom look pretty. Designing your bathroom with these tiles makes your bath look nicer at a cheaper price.


For sinks, an oval or a long sink is your best choice. This gives your bathroom a relatively sophisticated look and saves you space at the same time.


Of course you need to look at your face in the mirror but the mirror could also enlarge your room. It makes your room brighter especially if there is a large window close to the bathroom. Make sure you open the windows during the day to give your bathroom some light.