Lets go through some unique places;mention Hollywood in Los Angeles and what readily comes to a lot of people’s minds is movie production. Silicon Valley and the first thought of everyone is the technology hub located in South Africa. There are a number of hubs located here in Accra as well. In this post, meqasa.com has compiled five of these locations and the unique activity that goes on there.

1. Accra Newtown – Located about 10 minutes’ drive away, Newtown is the printing press hub in Accra. When driving through this location, for about every 30 seconds, do not be amazed if you find an office space that runs the same business. These buildings are all lined up and on opposite sides as you drive on the two­lane road. They perform the same kind of activities ­ industrial lamination, plate making, digital printing and colour separation. Their prices are more affordable because of the competition of being clustered in the same location.



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2. Tip Toe Lane at Kwame Nkrumah Circle – This is the centre for all laptop, mobile devices and their accessories. Whether you are searching for brand new phones in a box or you are willing to spend about five cedis on a device, Tip Toe Lane at Kwame Nkrumah Circle is the place to head to. There are several shops that provide the best deals in mobile phone devices and their accessories.

3. Lapaz – For everything second­hand ­ from home appliances to kitchen wares, visit Lapaz. Lapaz is about 20 minutes drive from Achimota and these wares are sold near the roadside. Lapaz is unique in the sense that one can find imported toasters, microwaves, rice cookers, glasses, plates and spoons.

4. Osu – Osu is noted for the most vibrant nightlife as well as a lineup of the best eateries in Accra at the Oxford Street. There are bars, clubs, Chinese, Thai, Indian restaurants and fast food joints. The Osu Night Market also offers a wide range affordable local foods.



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5. Teshie Nungua – A great way of celebrating the deceased is by designing very crafty coffins for them. For the most creative, well­designed coffins mostly in the shape of the deceased’s trade while they were alive then Teshie Nungua is the place to head to. For several years, this trade has been passed on from one family structure to the other, making it a respectable trade in Nungua. Do you know of any unique location in Accra not mentioned on this list? Share with us on our social media platforms.