Facts about Relocating with a Pet

Relocating to a new home can be stressful and your pets feel the same way. Some pets are not used to travelling for hours and react differently to being around so many people. It takes some time before they can adjust to their homes. To make  the transition easier for your animal, Jumia House Ghana has put together these  tips to ensure that the process of relocating becomes easy for you and the pet:

Prior to moving:

1. Take the pet to the vet for a checkup or shots,

If the pet has a condition, requiring some form of treatment, take a prescription that will last you a while until you find a new vet.  Do call your airline to find out the requirements for pets. If you will make a stop at a hotel, call ahead and confirm if they have pet-friendly rooms. When making a long distance journey,  flying or there are more people going to be around, it is advisable to get a sedative for your pet to keep them calm.

2. Have your pet groomed before the move

Get their hair properly trimmed and body well washed. You do not want to have the interior of your car or new home messed up. Grooming should be done a day or two before the big day. You do not want your cat or new home smelling like a wet dog.

3. Let your pet sleep in a carrier more often so they get used to it.

4. Create a to-do list for your pet.

Things such as animal carriers, canned food, first aid, and litter box should be carried along. It will be irritating to be stranded trying to get food for pets on the road.

On moving day:

1. On arriving at your new place, inspect the property and make sure there are no hazards such as holes in walls, mouse traps and harmful chemicals. Once you are sure of the environment, you can release the pet.

2. Upon arrival, place familiar objects in the same location as your previous home and spend some time with your pet. This will help reduce the anxiety and keep the animal calm.