“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are” – Max Depree

Truer words have never been spoken as meqasa.com, Ghana’s number one property portal, continues to evolve. In 2013, three ambitious students, Kofi Amuasi, Rashad Tungteiya Seini and Kelvin Nyame co-founded meqasa.com out of a kitchen with one goal, to offer hassle-free housing to seekers.

5 years later, meqasa.com has grown into Ghana’s official destination for all housing needs. What better way to represent this immense growth and commitment to be different than through a new brand identity?

To understand this new logo identity, however, it’s important to look back at how meqasa’s logos and taglines have evolved over the years. Throw on your cozy blankets and prepare for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.


  1. Mi Casa Es Su Casa (meqasa)

    First meqasa logo

    The first ever meqasa logo.

    meqasa, a play on the Spanish phrase, mi casa es su casa (my home, your home), started with one clear goal, to offer seekers a painless property search experience from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.  The idea for the logo was simple: capture how meqasa helps you find the home you need. This was achieved with a magnifying glass, a popular icon representing searching focused on an ideal home. The logo was rudimentary and quickly put together during the proof of concept period of the company.

  2. Hassle-Free House Hunting

    Second meQasa logo

    Hassle-free house-hunting, the second meqasa logo

    A month after that first logo and after having successfully launched, meqasa swapped it out for a more professional one. The new logo included meqasa’s first tagline, hassle-free house hunting. Meqasa went along with this logo for about a year as it slowly penetrated Ghana’s real estate market and made a name for itself.


  3. meQasa.com – The Easiest Way to Buy, Rent or Sell Property in Ghana

    Third meqasa logo that grew into the fourth and most identifiable logo over the years.

    The easiest way to rent, buy and sell property in Ghana. 

    Through hard work, consistency and dedication, meqasa blossomed into a major player in the online property classifieds industry. meQasa had not only grown into a global brand but had become the easiest way for property seekers, developers, homeowners and agents to buy, rent and sell property in Ghana.

    To reflect the momentum it had gained, meQasa launched a new logo. This new logo was fresh, modern and vibrant. It paid homage to the first logo, specifically the magnifying glass by capitalising the Q in its name. If you’ve ever wondered why meQasa and not meqasa, this is it. 

    Fourth meqasa logo

    The fourth meqasa logo, formerly our most recognized brand identity.

  4. Ghana’s Number 1. Property Website

    Fifth and newest meqasa logo

    Our brand new identity

    Having clinched the position as Ghana’s number one property website, it’s only fitting that meqasa wear this badge on its sleeves first as an achievement and most importantly, as a reminder to hold on to its position by consistently innovating to offer better housing services to seekers, property developers, agents and homeowners in Ghana and beyond.  This new logo, a location icon within a house represents meqasa’s commitment to helping you find the property of your dreams wherever you are in Ghana! This new logo is cleaner, simpler and offers a portal into the future of real estate in Ghana.

Experience the Evolution. Welcome to the new meqasa.com, Ghana’s number one property website!