Entryway Decor Ideas For a Home You’ll Rush Back To

When you get home and unlock your front door, it’s the best feeling to be ushered into a welcoming foyer. Depending on the structure of your house you may not have much of an entryway, but if you do, don’t let it be a non-factor. Explore which of these 5 creative entryway decor ideas can bring life to the hallway of your home, and take it on as a transformation interior design project.

  1. Display Table

    meQasa Entryway Decor Ideas - table
    This is likely the most popular feature of the entryway. Typically set against a solid wall right inside the foyer, you can select an entryway table that is stylish and functional. The fun happens on the surface. This is where you start to define the particular personality of your home. Rustic? Modern? Ethic? Pick lovely items and play with height. Candles, trays, books, statues, potted plants…all are fair game for a gorgeous display. If you have a very big home with a wide hallway, you can place an extravagant central display table several feet in, perhaps with a stunning floral arrangement that will be the captivating feature of your entryway decor.

  2. Shelving Unit

    entryway decor coat rack shelving unit.jpgGreat for families, a beautiful shelving unit in the entryway is functional and can also add style to your home’s foyer. Installed about shoulder-height, a shelving unit can be built with various compartments – baskets, shelves and even hooks for jackets, keys and umbrellas. These shelves don’t have to be plain wood finish. Get creative with colour and dare to go with something bold and eccentric or if you want to play it safe, a colour that works with your general colour scheme.

  3. Wall Display 

    entryway décor photo displayAnother very popular entryway décor idea is the wall display.  Using one of the walls just inside the home, you can opt for a family photo display, an art display or even a mirror display. What’s more beautiful than to be greeted by photos of your lovely family? If you want more colour you may want to go the art wall route. It’s great to play with themes here – do you like black & white, African expression or abstract art? Whether photos, art or mirrors, vary frame sizes for interest and use at least 8 different pieces. Here are some tips on picking perfect home art.

  4. Runner & Statement Lighting

    entryway decor mirror runner lightingThis high and low idea will force anyone to take in your foyer in totality. Going beyond the first few feet into your home, a beautiful runner (a thin, long rug) will draw your guests into the space. Woven and soft, it provides comfort to tired feet while adding an element of design. Above the runner or right about where it ends, pick a stunning statement light for visual effect. The entryway is perfect for chandeliers and other snazzy lighting schemes. Dually functioning as actual light but also décor, it’s a winning idea.

  5. Chair & Side TablemeQasa Entryway Ideas - armchair

    For those who have larger homes designed to have a nook within the entryway, this is an enviable interior décor idea. The magazine inspired cozy armchair in the corner (that no one sits on!) and the idyllic table to go along with it. Pick a beautiful chair and some lovely toss pillows or throw. This is almost like a store display window and solely for the “wow” effect. The side table? Play with books, a vase or maybe a decorative container of marbles. A similar idea along the same lines – a bench.

If you have even a semblance of a foyer, don’t let it go to waste. It’s lovely to start feeling like you’re in your haven right from the door. These are just the surface of fabulous entryway décor ideas though. Many of these are typically combined for a super welcoming effect. You can even upcycle some everyday objects to transform your home‘s hallway.

Have you seen other entryway décor ideas that you totally adore? Let us know in the comments below.